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Classroom Resources


General Resources

The Story of Labor Day

The History Channel has an extensive site devoted to labor history including videos, photos and speeches.

Child Labor in America 

AFL-CIO Labor History 

Find information on labor history including a timeline, photo essay and links to other labor history resources.

American Labor Studies Center 

This website provides lesson plans and supplementary materials designed for K-12 teachers.

Illinois Labor History Society Curriculum of Labor History for Teachers
This resource is meant to help teachers incorporate labor history into their instruction. The site includes explanatory text, handouts and links to supplementary documents.

Labor Heritage Foundation
An organization that supports the labor movement and cultural legacy of the American worker, primarily through music and the arts. Site includes an interactive timeline of major events in labor history and a listing of 170 labor landmarks.

Labor History Links 
A large collection of links to labor education resources including essays, biographies, lists of suggested books and films, guided tours of historical sites, and teacher lesson plans.

University of Washington Labor History Guide 
This website provides primary and secondary sources about the history of labor, with a focus on labor history in the United States.

Lesson Plans

How Labor Got its Day

This lesson plan from the Council for Economic Education’s lesson plan is targeted to grades 3-5 and focuses on explaining why unions formed and compares the life of workers in the 19th century to working life today.

A Worker’s Compensation

This lesson plan from The New York Times Learning Network, teaches secondary students about the history of labor day.

Who Really Built America?

This six-week lesson plan from the Library of Congress, is targeted at middle and high school students. 

Teaching with Documents: Photographs of Lewis Hine: Documentation of Child Labor

The National Archives lesson plan is focused on using photographs to learn about child labor in the early 1900s.

Teaching with Documents: FDR’s Fireside Chat on the Purposes and Foundation of the Recovery Program

This national Archives lesson plan teaches high school students about the impact of the New Deal on workers and the labor movement.