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May 12: National Lab Day

National Lab Day will be celebrated May 12, 2010; but NLD is much more than just a day—it's a movement. NLD is bringing hands-on, exciting, and experiment-based learning to students and schools all over the country.

National Lab Day websiteEducators can post a project on the NLD website to request scientists, volunteers or even financial support. Teachers can find scientists and organizations who are willing to answer questions and inform their projects, making science exciting and real, and identify programs that are accessible in their geographic location. When an educator posts a project, the NLD system will help them get the resources needed to bring that project to fruition.

AFT strongly supports science as a laboratory based discipline. In far too many school districts lab equipment is not available or up to date. Here is a place and a movement to support efforts to bring needed experiences to the students in your schools and in your community.

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