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June is Internet Safety Month

computerModern technology and the Internet have opened the door to a plethora of new opportunities to learn. It is now easier to research, communicate and study, thanks to advances in technology.

There are, however, problems and dangers associated with new technology. Teachers need to remain up to date on these advances. Encourage administrators to employ inservice professional development on this topic and to research individually both the costs and benefits of new technology tools available to both students and teachers.

Teaching Online Safety to Students

Lessons in online safety are increasingly important as social networking and online communication become more popular with students. These lessons should be taught as part of the curriculum, and students should be assessed on their knowledge of online safety, particularly before they are given assignments requiring Internet access. We’ve provided 10 tips for educators to help them teach online safety to their students.

Teachers and Technology: Your Rights

Should your private life have an impact on your professional life? We may all believe this answer should be a resounding “No,” but that is not the case. And in our Web 2.0 world it is critical that all school employees understand the potential risks associated with social networking. Refer to this section to learn more about your rights, how to limit your risk and more.