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Earth Day 2012

Earth Day

This Earth Day, April 22, more than 1 billion people will celebrate all things green, with countless acts designed to protect the planet and create a more sustainable future. AFT members will join in, as they have every year since the first Earth Day in 1970, planting trees; recycling; choosing organic, locally grown diets; and, most important, teaching their students about how to preserve the environment.

Two websites offer rich resources for curricula, lesson plans and ideas for "green acts" you can do on your own. At, you’ll find information about the Mobilize Earth demonstration in Washington, D.C., campaigns to engage leaders in a commitment to sustainability, and Mobilize U, urging activism among college students. "Know Green Go Green" is packed with lesson plans, curricula, a reading project and other ways to mobilize your students.

At, an associated site, the Green Schools Leadership Center offers everything from student action plans to an educators' network where you can share resources with other teachers. There are plenty of ideas about what to teach and how, from a lesson on Walt Whitman and compost, to an exploration of recycling and another on water resources. One link leads to political action supporting environmental education; another to an opportunity to contribute to “a billion acts of green.”

Get Involved

The AFT is a longtime advocate of environmentalism. Check out the following links, and see how we can celebrate Earth Day, every day.