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Defining Consequences for Behavior

Many behavior problems can be prevented or corrected using effective behavior-management strategies.

There are many practices—based on research and demonstrated to work—that are effective for preventing and correcting this behavior.

Many children with persistent behavior problems lead very unpredictable lives. An organized environment can replace their feelings of insecurity, mistrust and discomfort, with predictability and stability. Research shows that a predictable environment is based on set rules and routines, and well-established schedules and arrangements.

Research indicates that continually checking children's progress over time allows adults to use this information to adjust their interventions and improve their effectiveness. It is also helpful to develop individual behavior plans for children who present more serious behavior problems, and to maintain written records of specific events to assist in tracking behavior.

Techniques for managing the aggressive behavior of students include:

Defining Consequences ActivityDefining Consequences Practice Activities

Use this interactive activity to learn research-based strategies to apply to a variety of disruptive behavior scenarios.