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Recommended Reading

Use these  resources on Brown v. Board of Education to start or supplement your school or classroom library. 

Grades K - 3

Thomas, Joyce Carol. Linda Brown, You Are Not Alone: The Brown v. Board of Education Decision, Jump Sun, 2003. (Collection of stories, essays, and poems about the Supreme Court decision.)

Coles, Robert. The Story of Ruby Bridges, Scholastic, 1995. (Recounts the experiences of the first black child integrated into an all-white school.)

Grades 3 - 5

Tackach, James. Brown v. Board of Education, Lucent Books, 1998. (Provides an explanation of Brown v. Board of Education.)

Bridges, Ruby. Through My Eyes, Scholastic, 1999. (Story told from the perspective of 6-year-old Ruby, who was the first black child to attend an integrated public school in 1960.)

Grades 6 - 8

Fireside, Harvey and Sarah Betsy Fuller. Brown v. Board of Education: Equal Schooling for All. Enslow Publishers, 1994. (Explains the process of Brown v. Board of Education as it went through the Supreme Court.)

Herda, D.J. Thurgood Marshall: Civil Rights Champion. Enslow Publishers, Inc., 1995. (Biography of Thurgood Marshall.)

High School

Haskins, Jim. Separate But Not Equal: The Dream and the Struggle, Scholastic Press, 1998. (Explains the history of segregation in education.)


Brown v. Board of Education National Historical Site; California Department of Education Recommended Reading List; De Grummond's Children's Literature Collection: Civil Rights Movement Bibliography; The Horn Book Guide; PBS's History of Jim Crow Site: List of Fictional Books Relating to Jim Crow; and Virginia Center for Children's Books: African American Civil Rights Movement.

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