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Students with Special Needs

The Medically Fragile Child

The Medically Fragile Child: Caring for Children with Special Healthcare Needs in the School Setting
This publication is designed to help teachers, nurses and paraprofessionals meet the challenges of dealing with children who have serious medical problems. It contains information on training, health and safety, and legal rights and responsibilities. $4 each (April 2009).

Helping Students with Autism

Helping Students with Autism
In collaboration with Easter Seals, the AFT has produced Helping Students with Autism: Tips for Educators. This booklet provides information for teachers and paraprofessionals on teaching students with autism, working with related service professionals, and building relationships with parents and families. Item no. 39-08002. $3 each (Jan. 2009).


Where We Stand: English Language Learners
This booklet contains the resolution on English Language Learners passed at the 2006 AFT convention. Also included are a Q&A section, background information and additional reading. Item no. 39-0247. $3 each (Nov. 2006).

    Colorin Colorado Toolkit 

Colorín Colorado—AFT Toolkit for Teachers
This toolkit provides information on reaching out to Hispanic parents and offers guidance on how to make them a vital part of their children's education. It includes information about Hispanic cultures and values, suggestions for involving parents in classroom and school activities, and concrete ideas, handouts and video modules (on DVD) for parent workshops focusing on literacy development for Hispanic English language learners in grades PreK-5. Item no. 44-00CC. $10 each (Feb. 2005).

The Diabetes Dilemma

The Diabetes Dilemma
About one in every 400 school-age child has diabetes. Several state legislatures are being asked to consider legislation that would train nonmedical staff (teachers, paraprofessionals and others) to provide routine and emergency care to students with diabetes. This publication explains why a better solution would be to ensure that school nurses provide this care. Item no. 67-0067. $1 each (August 2004).

Policy Brief 17

Closing the Achievement Gap: Focus on Latino Students
This policy brief provides the data and context to support the AFT's call for increased attention to the condition of education for Latino students. It discusses the current demographic and achievement trends of Latinos, some of the specific barriers to closing the achievement gap, and presents a set of recommendations to improve educational opportunities for Latino children. Item no. 39-PB0017. $1 each (March 2004).

Every Child Needs a School Nurse

Every Child Needs a School Nurse
A brochure describing AFT's campaign to educate policymakers and the public about the significant role that school nurses play in the lives of our nation's children. Item no. 67-0068. $1 each (July 2003).