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  • Get ready for Campus Equity Week 2013

    Campus Equity Week (CEW) is a national week of action to call attention to issues of quality and equality in our system of higher education including the unfair working conditions of part-time/adjunct faculty and other contingent faculty. CEW is a collection of events locally conceived and is coordinated by faculty activists and organizations such as the AFT. This allows each local to focus on raising the profile of the issues most pressing on their campus. At the same time, the strength of CEW is the power of events all around the country and connected through community outreach.

    Stay Connected

    • To get more information about Campus Equity Week or to register you CEW event visit the official website.
    • Make sure to also join the facebook event!
    • And don’t forget to follow along on twitter.

    AFT and CEW

    As the leader in organizing and representing part-time/adjunct faculty and other contingent employees in higher education the AFT affiliates have always been active in Campus Equity Week since its inception. This year will be no different.

    Campus Equity Week’s focus on equality connects with AFT’s larger work to reclaim the promise of a quality, affordable higher education for all Americans. The inequalities in the system--whether it is the rising cost of college, the unfair treatment of academic workers or the increasing stratification of the system as a whole—all derive from a systematic disinvestment in public higher education. We are shifting as a nation from the concept of higher education as a public good to one of higher education as a private benefit that is simply a pathway to a job and higher earnings. This increasingly vocational concept of higher education has led to the narrowing of the curriculum, efforts such as competency-based education to reduce learning to simple outcomes measures and ultimately to the deprofessionalization of the faculty role. We do not believe that is what most Americans want or expect to get from their college experience.

    So this Campus Equity Week, AFT is encouraging our local and state affiliates to not only participate, but to do so in way that calls attention to the broader community of the larger trends that are happening in higher education and how that is impacting the quality of our higher education system. Well-supported teaching and research should be at the center of quality higher education. Unfortunately, too many contingent faculty members feel unsupported by their academic institution. Their development as professionals is stymied because of a climate of austerity that robs them of professional working conditions and that ultimately undermines our students’ access to a quality, rigorous education. 

    Below is a set of materials that you can use to launch a Campus Equity Week campaign on your campus. If you are an AFT member and need more materials or assistance, please contact us at highered@aft.org


    We've created a set of posters to highlight equity issues affecting the lives of part-time and adjunct faculty. Please feel free to print, share and distribute them on your campus. 



    An honest Want Ad for college faculty: click image for full sized pdf


    A typical professional development fund for adjunct faculty: click image for full sized pdf


    Welcome to my "office"!: click image for full sized pdf


    What does a doctor's office and a classroom have in common?: click image for full sized pdf


    A typical conference travel fund for adjunct faculty: click image for full sized pdf

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