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Public Employees: Do you think all public employees should be covered by Social Security?

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Having worked under social security nearly all my life except for 16 years under Alaska PERS, I find that what I contributed was lost to me and my benefit under SSA is half of what I had been promised by the SS Administration yearly mailings. Why are public employees deemed second class citizens?


William O'Connor
Anchorage, AK

Considering the fact that I have been paying into Social Security since I began working at the age of 17, it puzzles me as to why this is even considered a legitimate question. Please explain to me as to why I, a public employee, shouldn't be covered.


Michele Zink
Glendale, NY

I don't even understand why my parent union organization would ask such a question. Teachers have their own retirement systems and they are far superior to Social Security. The way you have phrased this question goes right along with the erroneous public mind-set that public employees are enjoying 'Cadillac Plans' on the public's dime! Shame on you! I think any public employee group has the right to pay into a private pension plan that can provide a consistent level of pension benefits to its members and that the members have the right to decide that - not the public.


Cheryl Waters
Westlake, OH

If all public employees were covered by Social Security including all representatives and senators, they would have a more vested interest in fixing social security and making it financially more viable for all people. By having piece work in who is and is not covered, there is no interest in properly fixing it.


Mindy Ross-knaster
Lynbrook, NY

Why is this even an issue? I've worked since I was 14 years old, in both the private and public sectors. All my working life I've payed into SS. I've never had to tap into the system for anything, however, there are many people who have. People who have not invested one dime in the system yet have had access to the benefits for disability or retirement needs. So why shouldn't public employees be entitled to receive what they have invested in all of their working lives?


Diann MUNN
Saranac Lake, NY

No for Public Employees with salaries of $100,000 or more per year, unless there is a special medical situation.


Cynthia Cooper-Henry
Watervliet, NY

I have heard that those of us that contribute to the social security fund will not be able to benefit by the time we retire. The retired people are using the funds that others pay so by the time we reach retirement age we will not be able to receive any benefit from that system. As a restult it is a wise idea to put some money away in order to take care of our needs when we no longer work.


Gilma Orozco
San Antonio , TX

We are an ever-advancing society, and our thought processes must catch up with our needs and what is truly right. Taking care of EVERYBODY at a reasonable retirement age should be an American right and priority. Imagine the quality of life we could enjoy if we invested our own money into Social Security, and not deal-making with despots, or funding wealthy corporations, or backing wars!


Kimberly Bowsky
CTU Local 1
Chicago, IL

As long as they didn't opt out of paying into the system, then they should absolutely be covered.


mary leduc
san marcos, CA

Private sector and public sector employees .... they all work at a job, and they all will retire at some point. They should all be covered by Social Security because, in the end, public employees make LESS money than private employees and are, therefore, LESS likely to be able to contribute to an individual retirement account.


Sharon Marlow
Tennessee Federation of Teachers
Jellico, TN

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