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Public Employees: Public employees across the country make a difference every day in the lives of Americans. How is your work making a difference?

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What with the Republican senators being on a rampage to help the Koch Bros. turn us all into slaves, and states threatening the voter ID nonsense, I have devised what I believe can be helpful for both these attacks and the more to follow. It consists of the following: Encourage all members to VOTE ABSENTEE. If they register absentee, then, when it’s time to vote, THEY CAN AND WILL! Many people don’t know they can vote at home at their convenience. When Democrats stayed home this last time, look what happened. People who didn’t vote, allowed those who did to mostly vote in those who historically work to eradicate our American rights.


Frances Anderson
Hercules, CA

I have seen many students from Gary, IN, come back as adults to thank their teachers for making their lives as children meaningful and productive. It's awakening, and validating, to find out that people in very successful career paths remember the difference that their elementary school teacher made. We have to remember - sometimes we are the adult role model for our students. That's why this fight for keeping our rights in Indiana is so important.


Joe Zimmerman
Gary Teachers Union, Local #4
Hammond, IN

I work as a bus driver at Owens Community College, but I'm more than that. For some of our students (my riders), I have been a mentor, adviser, counselor, tutor, and friend. We as public employees do far more than just our jobs. We touch people and make a difference in their lives for the better. As long as I work for Owens, I will continue to be far more than just the bus driver.


Michael Schmitz
Owens Support Staff Union Local #6325
Waterville, OH

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