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PSRP/School Support Staff: Have you seen or experienced bullying on the job by a boss or co-worker? (You don't have to give your real name.)

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Bullying is a daily occurrence at our school by the principal and an assistant principal. Recently a student called a school staff member a "f-ing bitch." The employee was called to a meeting with admin and required to bring a union rep. The staff member was then accused of escalating the student, which caused the student to use inappropriate language. This faculty/staff member was bullied in this meeting to the point of emotional breakdown. These types of meetings are at an all-time high. Sadly, these bullies remain in charge and staff work in fear of when the next 'meeting' will be called.


Anonymous Person
Rochester, NH

I am in charge of protecting 990 students in a middle school. They have had a problem with bullying for the last two years. I ran up against a brick wall trying to get the administration to come up with a plan to help these kids stay safe. The staff turns a deaf ear and the principal wants me removed from the school for asking all the right questions about what is going on. I just tried to stand up for everything that is right for all students and the principals have too much say in who gets the boot. I can not believe that we have people like this as head people in our schools. It is very dissapointing.


Alex unknown
Dallas, TX

I recently , not willingly, resigned from my job of eight years as a result of a very deceitful co-worker, her followers, and the teacher! The teacher and this particular aide have HARASSED, BULLIED, DEGRADED, PHYSICALLY INJURED, another co-worker for the entire school year! This aide is 60 years old and desperately needs her job. She has documented and reported this abuse to the "supervisor", to no avail, was told she was too slow and wouldn't have a position next school year, try substituting!


Debra Troutman
Andover, NY

Thanks for the article about bullying in the workplace. It took awhile to finally put a name to what I had experienced. I didn't understand how it could happen to me. I was independent and secure about myself. The line in the article (that targets often are independent-minded, more technically skilled than their bullies, better liked and nonconfrontational)pretty much summed it up. Thanks. The happy lunch lady


lunch lady
woodburn, OR

For years, the registrars at all the vo-tech facilities have been facing bullying by their bosses. We are at the lowest pole; they just say, "You're lucky you have a job." Some employees are taking sick leaves or are forced to quit or retire early, and one had a nervous breakdown.


arei mercedo
Orlando, FL

Yes, I have had some very thoughtless negative comments made to me. It started with the younger women and usually on the last day of work. This year, a younger worker said to me when no one else was in the room that she didn't think I was very pretty. So, I am wondering what the end of the year will be like. If anyone gets mean with me I am taking my kids and leaving the room for the library. Last year, a woman close to my age said she thought I would be cute if I had a certain haircut. Can you believe this? Thanks for listening.


Nancy Ekberg
#113 Portland, OR
Portland, OR

I have represented members who were bullied and harassed by their principal/manager. The sad part about it is that they were bullied for being more competent in their jobs than their supervisors. After the superintendent and the school board supported the bullying and labeled it as "directing the work of their employee," our member filed a filed a workers' comp claim, won the claim and the district still refuses to acknowledge the fact that a judge ruled in favor of our member.Workplace bullying IS on the rise and it needs to be stopped.


Paula Phillips
Berkeley, CA

I have been verbally assaulted on numerous occasions and, almost daily, humiliated in front of teachers, parents and staff by the principal's secretary. She once physically assaulted me when she pulled open a drawer that I was standing in front of and hit my legs. I was shocked but didn't say anything because who was going to believe me? She is the principal's favorite. She bullies me constantly but he refuses to do anything. He says it's a personality issue because that's easier than having to deal with it. I have had to file a grievance against him for dereliction of duty, and recently he has started to retaliate by finding fault with my daily tasks.


Emily Soto
Corpus Christi AFT
Corpus Christi, TX

Our district operations department has a supervisor known for belittling, disrespecting and bullying employees. The supervisor was supposed to pick up some signs from the media and communications department but there was a miscommunication between the secretary and the supervisor. The secretary then asked the supervisor if he would pick up the signs. The supervisor, in an arrogant, disrespectful and loud voice, said, "Me, me, me. That's not my job. My job is to dictate and sit around in a nice suit." The secretary wrote a formal complaint to HR and that supervisor was reprimanded. Now that supervisor thinks twice when about to speak.


Kelly McClendon
University City, MO

I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one who has, in fact, experienced bullying on the job. I've worked in more than one school district in more than one job capacity, and I've experienced bullying by administrators, supervisors, and coworkers. With the job market and economy the way they are, many of us are afraid of making any kind of waves for fear of losing our jobs. It can be difficult to speak up. We have to be able to trust those who represent us in our unions--now more than ever!


Anonymous Person
Medford, OR

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