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Teachers: Should all schools start before Labor Day?

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Yes, all public school should start after Labor Day. If started before Labor, then let it be the same date. If school starts in the middle of August, students transfer from other places two or three weeks later and are already behind.


Gwen Willliams
Lithoina, GA

left up to school district


jennifer wickliffe
Louisiana Federation of Teachers
mandeville, LA

I feel that school should start after Labor Day because of retention issues. What sense does it make to start students with a routine, only to stop it and start it all over again. It takes away from students learning a routine and being able to stick to it. It also takes away from students learning.


Jamarques Starling
Alexandria, LA

When people young and old start school after a long recess, they and/or their parents, may be unprepared for the new schedule. Having a day to help settle everything into place after starting seems, to me, to be a good thing.


Rae Franks
Magnolia, TX

Absolutely not. Schools should NOT start before Labor Day. We need to uphold traditions in our great country. The Labor Day weekend traditionally marks the conclusion of summer and the beginning of the school year. It's an important American holiday that familes and friends celebrate together. There is no need to start school before Labor Day. The schools are hot and summer is the heat of summer is still burning and signaling fun vacation time for kids and teachers. More time in school is not the answer. Less politics in education is. Politicians need to get out of education and health care and let the certified specialists do their job.


Margaret Ann Schwerdtman
Brooklyn, NY

If feel returning to school before Labor Day is a good time for teachers to receive PD's, and discuss the upcoming school year with colleagues and the administration. Also, the first few days before Labor Day is an opportune time for new teachers to get a jump start on visiting their new school and meeting with their new principals and colleagues. This time period allows teachers to begin readjusting from their nice long break and become readjusted to the work world.


Robenna Wilson
PFT Local3
Philadelphia, PA

In St. Paul we have the Minnesota State Fair going on through Labor Day. One of the school bus hubs is in the vicinity plus the added traffic would make it hellish for bus drivers let along getting students to school on time in and around the Fair.


Annette Bleed
St. Paul, MN

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