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PSRP/School Support Staff: Have wholesome foods replaced unhealthy meals or snacks in your school? If so, how was it done?

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Our elementary school is serving local foods, such as cheese and apples. We also have whole wheat bread and rolls. We have tried some new vegetables like squash. Also some ethnic foods, like stir fry and orange chicken. Wraps with chicken and good things to top it with. Homemade salsa and sauces, too. We tried dried fruits and almonds that were delicious, but it will take another try for the students!


karen jensen
Northfield, MN

Students need to be exposed to different foods. School would be the perfect place to teach them what different foods look like and how they taste.



Our school is serving healthy lunches but the combinations are strange. They have cut back on the quantity as well as the quality. Most of the food is thrown away by the students.


Kurt Kunzman
Whitehouse, TX

For the most part, my school has a healthy lunch program. It changed from unhealthy to healthy about 3 years ago. My concern is the portion size. I think the portions are too small for high school students and need to be enlarged slightly to accommodate growing bodies. My school is also in a poor neighborhood with many students getting all of their daily food intake at school.


Wanda Truman
mft 59
mpls, MN

The cafeteria food is not only not nutritious but also tasteless. My granddaughter prefers to take her lunch.


Linda White
Corpus Christi, TX

This is very important to health and learning and behavior.


Jeff Carr
Eagle Nest, NM

The lunches have become smaller with little or no nutrition. Every lunch should have a vegetable, fruit, meat and bread. Not chicken nuggets or cardboard pizza. The portion sizes for the junior high and high school should be adult-sized. The dieticians need to have healthy breakfasts and lunches set up for the lunch personnel.


Jackie Cantrell`
DeRidder, LA

We worked to get legislation passed removing unwholesome foods from school menus and vending machines.


clifton ogle
warr acres, OK

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