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General: Mitt Romney says that the middle class income is between $200,000 and $250,000 per year. What do you think about his comment and what do you think is the middle class?

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Over 50 senators make over $50 million each. That is why they are so out of touch


Barbara Swaim
Barbara Swaim
Naperville, IL

Romney's comments show his ridiculously biased perspective of American society and the needs of our people. He cares nothing about the 'real' middle class & even less about impoverished communities. Middle class encompasses many factors including income, education & profession. I believe six figures begins to elevate people into an upper class range.


Linda Sue Collins
Chicago Public Schools Local #1
Chicago, IL

Then, teachers are definitely not midde-class if we believe what the candidate says. It's unfortunate, that with so many suffering during this economic turndown, there are a great many people who believe we need a president who has never experienced economic hardship for himself.


Richard Collins
Randlett, OK

Prior to retirement in 2006, i was making 125,000 as an engineering manager and my wife was making 60,000 as a tech writer. At that time we were a little above middle class. I teach now and make 44,000 in an urban school. My wife is unemployed. so what do i consider middle class, about 80,000. The jobs are out there but they are hard to find, especially in education. (math) one of the local schools had 95 applications for one position.


Pat Montanaro
beavercreek, OH

Last year, my students asked me what 'the 1%' was. I asked them to raise their hands if their families made a million dollars in a year. Of course, no one raised a hand. I explained that even a $million wouldn't put them in the '1%' and drew a simple diagram to show where we are in income distribution. We discussed how the million-dollar level of income would affect our lives and realized we can't even imagine. Many of my students are in working-family households earning 1/10 Mr. Romney's description. He consistently defines his disconnections. How can he represent or lead us? He can't even start to identify with me and my community.


Elizabeth Weight
AFT Granite
West Valley City, UT

I think middle income is between 50.000. - 90,000. Anything over this is high income.


Mary Davis
Mary Davis
Crystal, MN

The inter-quartile range of US family income -- from 25%ile to 75%ile -- is about $25k to $80k. So that range would be a good definition of 'middle class', if the 'middle' part is meaningful. Yet there is an enormous difference between living on $25k, which is really poor, and $80k, which is comfortable. Above $130k is in the top 10%, so in no way can be considered 'middle class'. I suppose you could stretch a point and call $80k to $130k 'upper middle', but above that is affluent, rich, or whatever you want to call it.


Mark Miller
Kalamazoo, MI

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