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General: We want to hear your story of what doubling the interest rate on student loans would mean for you or your family, or for the people you educate and serve.

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I am a mature person and I had to stop attending school half way through my bachelors because of this economy so I could work full time just to pay the bills. If they doubled the interest on my school loans I would never be able to finish my degree, not to mention I would never be able to pay off the loans I have now. If the did this I would have wasted 4 years of my life and the government would have wasted the grants they gave me. Big mistake!


Sheila Long

The incentive to get a higher education is totally deflated for a lot of young and mature people who are trying to persue a degeree. With the economy the way it is, it is hard enough trying to maintain employment. Once you finish a degree, the possibility of getting laid off is high. Which makes it difficult to pay back the loan. I really wish they would erase student loans for educators, that would be a perfect world.


LaVaun Freeman
Norfolk Public Schools
smithfiled, VA

Doubling the interest rate on student loans would have a devastating effect on my family. Both my wife and I are educators and have two kids in college. My kids do not qualify for any type of financial aid because my wife and I earn too much money. Yeah Right! So we depend on student loans so our children can attend college. If loans double in interest rate, it would probably mean we would have put college on hold. Not fair for people who pay 25% of income taxes and get the shaft when it comes to getting help. At least help us by not doubling our interest rates.


Javier Ramirez
La Joya AFT
Palmview, TX

I teach at a high school in a community known for its great civic spirit. Students here don't complain, and they accept a tradition of getting by after high school because, commonly, their families can't afford more. Kids simply cannot see their way into college because of the expense. Discovering assistance or learning about a possible loan gives them the light of hope to actually pursue potential. Doubling the loan interest rate would more than double the hesitation to even consider higher education. In my school, higher interest would block the door as well as deplete the courage to look in the first place.


Elizabeth Weight
AFT Granite
West Valley City, UT

I am a school teacher who went back for a masters degree 6 years ago. Both my sons and I have student loans, and doubling our intrest rates would make it difficult to ever get out of debt. We are hard working middle class Anglos trying to make a better life for ourselves by furthering our education, but it gets harder all the time. Because we work, our income is too high for grants or education credits; yet, we pay our taxes to give illegals, minorities, and people who don't work a free education. It's time to quit penalizing those of us who work and pay our bills.


Wanda McBee
North Richland Hills, TX

It stinks that the interest rates are going up but the spending has to be cut. From subbing in the area schools I see a lot of students just not caring. A lot of it steming from the homes. I encourage, yet inforced in my children that they need to study hard and get WONDERFUL grades to get scholarships to help with there college needs. The unions, schools etc are way to liberal and we need to start teaching our children that they need to stand on their own feet, do well and do for themselves. So stop with the cutting the budgets crap,stop being so against the republicans. Teachers need to do their best but most of all Parents need tobeparents


Connie Dingman
Canajoharie, NY

I currently am in school to get my administration license. My eldest daughter is also currently in school to get her undergraduate degree, that means right now there are two people from my household that are attending college. In addition to the fact that over the last ten years I have went back to school to get a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction and Middle Child Math License. If they raise the interest on student loans I will not be able to pursue contining my education, nor will my daughter.


LaShawn Benton

I think this is just crazy Why do we keep punishing those who work hard, to get ahead? For those of us who work, we don’t qualify for any grants, and that’s fine. We made the decision to go back to school to get an Education, but making us pay double the interest rate is ridiculous. I have loans that need to be re-paid, Increasing the rate would make future students think twice before going back to school. Eventually everything has a downwards trickle effect. "No students to teach additional loss of jobs for Educators".


C Pupo
Miami, FL

It would be a disaster. It's the latest in the neoliberal assault on the freedom of working people. The corporate fiends who own and run the U.S.A. and the world have already made us debts slaves. This is just one more turn of the screw. As Tennessee Ernie Ford once sang, "I owe my soul to the company store." There shouldn't be such a thing as student loans anyway. Education should be free. Period. They own the political system. They own the mainstream media. Now they want to own us, to make us forever indebted to them. No more. Time to take to the streets.


Gary Techentien
Duval Teachers United
Jacksonville Beach, FL

I was a school counselor for children in mostly low ses circumstances. They can't "borrow from their parents." So many of them would make great college students. What are these candidates thinking? Would they deliberately exclude poor children from ever having a better life??? What's happening to the America I grew up with? Judy Bonn


Judy Bonn
The Villages, FL

Doubling the interest rate on student loans would take the wind out of my adult-ed students sails! It would deter them from pursuing the already intimidating step of going on to college. It would put them back on our "public assistance roles," and turn their dream back into a nightmare.The trickle down effect would continue to impact our already impoverished "north country" economy.


Betsy Ritter Mott
Waddington, NY

In our school district we are doing our best to place students in career and college based areas, yet it seems that every time a curve is thrown at students. The economy is at its most critical and yet those who know the position of the United States of America in education among the world look the other way. As a teacher I pray that things will be better for all. Smile at your little brothers and sisters and stand tall. God Bless The United States of America.


Rene Salinas
south texas
Alamo , TX

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