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Healthcare: What is your hospital doing to improve patient satisfaction?

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the problem is not patient satisfaction. Most people do not know many hospitals are accepting 50% more crisis people. They should be in mental institutions but instead go to emergency rooms multiple times a week where an entire work up must be done each and every visit costing tax payers $500 minimum per visit. People that are drunk, high on drugs, homeless and combative are not going to be happy. Security Officers are understaffed, underpaid and most are refused basic equipment to protect themselves, staff or other patients. Hospital administrators turn a deaf ear and a blind eye until someone is killed or serously injured.


Lorraine Moran
woodlynne, NJ

Right now Kaiser is stonewalling on providing medication for high pressure causing my glaucoma while giving me unasked for PSA tests (which test causes more harm than help) and promoting colonoscopies which cost 3.2 million dollars and 14.4 years of effort per 67-year old life saved. Likewise the mammogram scam. These & many other marginal, ineffective or harmful practices drive up our union-negotiated health care costs. Can it really be worth the potential of unionizing a federalized medical industry to let them rip us off this way?


Raymond R. White
Mountain View, CA

I can only speak of the physicians care as a patient. I believe there are improvements of being more open to natural, or alternative medical care rather than the prescribe and dispense care and treating the root cause, not just the symptoms.


Tina Heber
Portland, OR

Our hospital is great. Your membership check box is ambiguous. Take a look at it. Also: how does one send this? I'm still looking for thr method.


Larry Jelf
Larry Jelf
Ingram, TX

Hospital care sucks especially for the older patients... they released my dad (82) too early and he ended up back in the hospital an additional 3.5 weeks. hospitals aare needed but they are not patient centered...


kathy schmitt
CTU 279
cleveland, OH

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