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General: If you could ask the Republican presidential candidates one question they haven’t answered so far, what would it be?

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Mr. Romney: You know how to create jobs. Wouldn't it be best for the people if you revealed the details of your plan - now?


Robert Maslanka
WIlliamsville, NY
Williamsville, NY

What is your opinion on the need for high quality preschool for young children?


Wendy Walz
Litchfield Education Association
Litchfield, MN

How is it that Republicans are so greedy, but also claim to be followers of Christ? The two don't mesh. Do they wake up each day and remind themselves, "But for the grace of God go I"? It doesn't appear that way and I'd like to ask them to explain that. Either keep their purported religion out of their campaign politics, or live by it. One or the other. Can they?


Kathleen Morrison
Sarasota, FL

If the Republican Convention gets deadlocked and not a single one of you can claim the nomination, which other Republican (not currently a candidate) would you prefer or recommend for the nomination? Do not respond by saying that the question is irrelevant because you will win the nomination. Just answer the question by providing a specific name.


David Ramsey
Hammond, LA

Are you so committed to bombing Iran, that you would start a third war that would probably result in having Israel bombed and create the possibility of a new Cold War with Russia? Too,would you be willing to raise taxes, unlike President Bush, or increase the deficit to pay for the new one?


Arthur thompson
Richardson, TX

When Ron Paul was asked a question about a person without health care who had a serious illness, his answer was basically "too bad for him". I would like to ask the rest of the field if they would agree that hospitals could refuse treatment to non-insured people as Paul suggests. If not, how would they have these hospital costs covered if people didn't have to be insured since they are so against universal insurance. Would they push the cost off on those of us who are insured?


Pamela Egbert
Duluth, MN

How do you plan to address the escalating costs of college textbooks? What regulations have you considered to rein in the sale of new and used college textbooks?


Deon Lopez
FCCTP Local 1708
Chicago, IL

How the respublican presidential candidates are going to get rid of income/economic disparity created by President Geroge Bush? For example, Mitt Romney pays only 15% tax on his income that is more than 100 times than mine. Can any republican presidential candidate guaranty job security to middle class employees or put them back on job since they have lost their jobs due to recession created by President George Bush's tax cuts of very rich Americans and two unnecessary wars involvement!


Gurmukh Singh
Amherst, NY

Why don't politicians aggregate the data when assessing public school systems by socio-economic status? Why do some public school systems attain tremendous results, but remain grouped in with districts that are failing? How can the public school model be considered a failing model, when many public schools are obtaining tremendous educational/academic results? Thank You!!!


Vincent Pennisi
Massapequa Federation of Teachers
Lindenhurst, NY

Most of you seem to think that oil is a renewable resource that magically replenishes itself deep in the earth - a never-ending tap of energy. From what deep well-spring of knowledge about petroleum geology and fossil fuel resources do you derive that conclusion and your never-ending refrains to drill, baby, drill - as if we would never run out of this NON-renewable fossil fuel resource? If a resource is finite, would not the logical, and conservative solution be to conserve what remains of that resource rather than squander it? Further, do you not understand Economics 101, which says that prices rise as a commodity becomes more dear?


James Close
NYS Public Employees Federation
Mechanicville, NY

Mr. Republican presidential candidate, "At or before the end of your first term, would the unemployment rate be no greater than it was when President George W. Bush left office?"



I understand you all want lower tax and smaller government but why not explain to the American Public that will mean Higher Taxes at the State Level to make up for all of that lost revenue from the Federal Government? If you live in a poor state your kids will have less money for education and get used to potholes and crumbling bridges...What is your response to this issue?


Rose Strates Root
Parkton, MD

In America, we have freedom of religion. That means you can practice your religion. It DOESN'T mean you can impose your religious beliefs on others. We need a separation of church and state. This is what makes America great. Without a separation, we would have the problems of areas like the Middle East, where religious groups fight and kill people from the opposing group in order to run the government!!!!! Why don't you see this?


Donna Cazacus
Bakersfield, CA

my question would be --"How committed are you to keeping the United States a Soveriegn nation? and How do you think that you can untangle the US from foreign affairs and uneeded wars? And, will you fight for rights of people globally or it is all about money for you, too?


carolyn carter
irving, TX

When will you stop all regressive wars and eliminate the homeland security bureaucracy wasting our freedoms and our tax dollars?


Tim Ebrahimy
Capitola, CA

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