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PSRP/School Support Staff: Environmental awareness is growing. Is something “green” happening at your school or college? Tell us about it.

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San Diego City College has "Seeds at the City," which is an organic urban farm that supplies a dozen or so of us with a CSA (community-supported agriculture) bag of groceries every week. The garden is planning on expanding, and the sale of veggies to students every week continues to grow. The only transportation is up the stairs to the sales table!


Lisa Chaddock

Our college is doing a lot of environmental projects. The following are some of the happenings at our campus: solar panels installed, updating our older fixtures with high efficiency lighting, planted native plants and established no-mow areas, installed water saving faucets, installed a filtered water bottle filling station and we are in the process of installing two electric car charging systems. In June 2011 our campus was certified by NJ Water Supply Authority as river friendly for some projects we did with stormwater management, water conservation and environmental education. We have great people on campus who work hard on being green!


Donna Gero
Somerville, NJ

Outside of my Florida classroom was nothing but weeds, bad dirt and old picnic tables. My students in Art Club painted the tables bright colors from donated leftover house paint. Next, we planted a variety of trees and shrubs that the students and some staff members brought in--two mahogany trees, a bamboo plant, a gumbo limbo tree, two plumaria, two cactus, porterweed, three hibiscus and several other small plants--oh, and a bird of paradise plant with white flowers (beautiful). The plants have taken off and are growing nicely. We now have things to draw, and of course the plants attract small lizards, and the lizards attract birds.


D Miller
North Ft Myers, FL

Although we're advancing "green" technology here at East L.A. College, we have also introduced 530 new parking spaces. We have photovoltaic panels on the tops of the parking structures, which enables the college to account for up to 40% of its energy usage from solar power. The panels generate almost 1.5 million KiloWatt Hours per year exclusively from the sun. The marriage of "green" energy and the need for parking has greatly impacted my views on going "green" and its inherent benefits.


Troy Pierce
Staff Guild
Monterery Park, CA

Our school in Florida, New Smyrna Beach Middle, is getting together with a few businesses and having a St. Patrick's Day Green Beach day. We are starting a seven-mile cleanup team.


Nance Sucharski
New Smyrna Beach, FL

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