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General: President Obama's budget proposal rejects the cuts-only obsession of many in Congress, and includes several concrete, doable policies that will provide relief to Americans still struggling to get by today. Tell us what you think about President Obama’s budget blueprint.

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How can the US compete globaly if we continue to cut funds for public education? Oh, I heard too many blames on educators and schools as a whole and I honestly believe they are the scapegoats. How can educators and schools prepare our students for the global world with all the cut in funding? And Republicans are the ones who wouldn't think twice about cutting in education using useless and outdated arguements in the name of controling spendings. I'm an independent who votes on issues that important to this country.


Peter Pich
Dallas, TX

What is the point of having budget proposals? We have not had a budget since this gov't took over and we controled both houses. Budget proposals seem to be talking points while nothing gets done except spend money we do not have. Taxing the rich is smoke and mirrors. Neither I nor you could run our homes, schools or businesses this way.


gregg manjorin
ny, NY

I don't believe Obama has a clue how to fix the budget. (or he doesn't want to) He's the one, along with democrats who has destroyed it. He hasn't ever had a real job. I've been a union member for 26 years. It's time we stopped being selfish and do what's best for the country. Do you think for one second that he or any of the democrats would care about us if we quit sending them money? Our grandchildren will already be paying for all of this waste! Wake up! Obama is destroying America! It's time to forget this 2 party system, and use our heads.


Ron Harms
Esmond, IL

First of all trying to cure the debt by increasing taxes is like trying to to keep a bucket with a hole in it full by pouring in more and more water. You have to fix the hole (stop the spending) or the bucket will always be empty. I also find it interesting that the previous five coments are 3 anti Obama's position, one neutral, and one pro Obama's position and the lone pro Obama comment is the editors pick.


allan ross
chicago, IL

It's a partisan, cowardly attempt to pander to his democratic base while ignoring the series and most significant challenges to our country. He continues to ignore addressing the entitlement programs which continue to take a greater and greater percentage of our revenues even as measured against GDP. Instead of cutting waste and duplicity from the Federal government, he proposes more. My experience in private industry (and that of scholars and experts alike) tells us that the efficiency of an organization declines exponentially with growth. Downsize the Federal Government.


William Wallace
Indian River County Education Association
Sebastian, FL

I believe the Obama administration and congress are playing games with our economy and welfare.Both parties can't seem to get it straight concerning our country's debt crisis,fraud,waste and abuse of federal funds to help all school children who are our most valuable resource for our future in terms of growing up to be educated,working and law abiding citizens in America.The government has also raided the funds of our hard earned money that we hard working citizens have contributed to Social Security leaving a debt to our children to pay for. It doesn't matter who wins,both parties are a bunch of LOSERS!


Joanie Shires
Retired AFT
San Antonio, TX

The so-called "cuts-only obsession of many in Congress" alluded to by Pres. Obama seems to be the only thing stopping this administration from further exascerbating the the debt crisis faced by this nation. We have already lost our Triple A rating and appear to be on a downward spiral toward the current predicament of Greece and other European nations in similar economic chaos. Perhaps if we focus upon the class warfare mentality and tax those nasty 1%ers into oblivion then we will all be doing GREAT! We are supposed to be educators. Why is it so difficult for us to see that the forced sharing of the wealth never has worked anywhere?


Karl Reger
Marlborough, MA

A responsible "budget blueprint" needs to recognize that, ultimately, the welfare and economic freedom of Americans rests just as much on reducing the debt burden that this country has taken on, as much, if not more than,short-term "stimulus" measures that provide, by and large, little more than spikes in employment. It is far more than about "jobs" - it is about the structural capacity of this country to absorb and carry an astounding amount of debt that is measured in trillions of dollars. The AFT ought, in its own best interests, to hold the President accountable for this horrific load of debt, and focus an equally bright spotlight on it.


James Close
NYS Public Employees Federation
Mechanicville, NY

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