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Teachers: How are Facebook and other social media affecting your school or classroom?

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Facebook is not an issue. My students can go to it during breaks, before and after class or when they get their work done. They respect the fact that we use technology not only for learning but also as a reward. They respect it and have not gone overboard with it at my school.


Floyd Collins
Fremont, OH

Facebook and other social media have not affected my 3rd grade classroom. However, I have seen some pretty intense bullying and harassment situations at the middle and high school level. I believe social media are being used by pre-teens and teens to intimidate and harass others at a level that cannot be monitored or addressed by the authorities.


Tanya Darnell
Montrose, CO

I use it as a reward. If this task is done or if you have all your work done, you get 5 minutes for social media. This works well. I also post messages on my page for them to read.


Nance Sucharski
New Smyrna Beach, FL

Facebook is only an escape for lazy individuals who think it's a great idea. Educational values are defined by what one learns and retains in the mind, not from other sources.


Rene Salinas
south texas
San Juan, TX

No one is allowed to access Facebook or any social site at school. Teachers are forbidden from friending any minor or communicating electronically except in extreme school-related instances, such as a coach texting players about practice. Welcome to the 19th century.


Tim Murphy
Highlands cea
Sebring, FL

Facebook is important !!!


John Volk
Union City, NJ

Facebook is too often used as a tool to vent about the hardships of life, including public work issues. It is also being used as a character assassination tool by those unable to cope with the injustices of normal, everyday life. People always seem to find a way to use a potentially good thing in a bad way. I personally avoid Facebook intentionally.


Jerry Warren
Point Pleasant , WV

Our system just transformed the district by doing away with middle school in one fell swoop. This caused concern, consternation and general dismay. None of the repercussions were considered. Our old faculty keeps in touch through a group on Facebook. It helps to have a sounding board.


Sheila Falkenberg
Toledo, OH

So, people are being laid off on a massive scale, entire programs are being shut down--and you're asking us about Facebook and cellphones? Why not pose real and serious questions that are impacting our futures and well-being?


Lin Rolens
ventura, CA

Social media has had a great impact on how children communicate with one another. In terms of secondary schools, not so well. A lot of social/behavioral problems start on the web and end up in the school. Then it has to be dealt with by the school staff, i.e. deans, counselors and adminstrative staff. With all that we do, we really don't need the added stress that comes from social media.


Steve Burrell
Brooklyn, NY

Students at East Los Angeles College, like other students across the country, embrace their social media and rely on it for personal news from friends and family. However, I have found that students may be adept at social media, but these skills do not necessarily translate to managing an online course or conducting a discussion on political and academic issues. Like all other tools at our disposal, social media have a place in our lives, but do not necessarily help students be better learners, or instructors be better teachers--the students and instructors do that themselves through intrinsic motivation.


MariaElena Yepes
Local 1521
Monterey Park, CA

There is no going back. We are well-advised to use the technology to teach, and conquer our own lack of confidence if need be. The kids know all about how to use the tools. Help them appreciate the benefits of applying their expertise to accomplish learning what is needed to provide them a more secure future.


Sharon Waagner
Long Lake NY
Torrington, CT

The students spend all day checking Facebook and Twitter, and it drives me nuts! They will neglect their work but will check Twitter 100 times per day. It is extremely distracting. Several fights have broken out at my school due to things said on Twitter.


Shelia Banks
Jefferson Federation of Teachers
Gretna , LA

This is a way to communicate with your students using Facebook. I started this page about three years ago. Here is the link:!/pages/Mrs-Schimkos-Algebra-Corner/399186224993


Lauren Schimko
North Rockland Teachers Association
Tomkins Cove, NY

The social media is something we need to embrace, not fight, to learn and and run from it. The students love using the technology and they support each other in their learning. I teach language arts in sixth grade and I have students posting their great beginnings of their writing to each other, finding support and quotes from each other to make their writing stronger, and I am able to save a ton on copy costs by posting PDFs on the site that they use most and they can look it up at any time. When people tell me that my students need to learn to read and write with paper an pencil, I'm usually reading that on an e-mail. It is the future.


Neal Clark
Highlands Ranch, CO

So far it hasn't gotten into my kindergarten classroom, I am happy to say. But I'm waiting and watching. I would be okay communicating with other classes around the world through an online tool.


Shari Gewanter
Tallahassee, FL

Extremely, students beg, borrow and steal to check their facebook and out of class....there is no turning back we have to embrace these platforms to reach our students...I am sure teachers are finding ways to harness the power of the social media..we must guide the students instead of block their intelligence and creativity. This new platform is media friendly and globally connected...Teachers have to teach with the new tools.


Stuart Dailey
Baltimore Teachers Union
Baltimore, MD

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