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Public Employees: With the loss of federal stimulus funding combined with the continuing recession, state and local governments have experienced unprecedented cuts over the past year. What impact have these cuts had on you personally, and on the services you and your agency provide?

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I have worked for Colorado state for 15 years. We have not had raise in 7 years. It is hard to make ends meet with the cost of living. As far as what it has done to restrict us on our jobs is lack of materials, equipment, and man power. It has tied our hands and it makes us look bad in the public eye. We still try to do our jobs the best we can but it is hard to do. Also the cost of our insurance has gone up, and the quality has gone down. Colorado needs to start taking care of business and its employees. In truth our goverment needs to start taking care of the citizens of this great nation.


Michael Feathers
colorado wins
Gateway, CO

If the union feels it must support a Democrat for president, please make it someone else but Obama. He cannot do that job and he's way over his head.


Edward Holda
St Vocational Federation 0f teachers Local 4200A
Windham, CT

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