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Voices Questions

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Sep 14 2012 Mitt Romney says that the middle class income is between $200,000 and $250,000 per year. What do you think about his comment and what do you think is the middle class? 31
Aug 12 2012 What does Paul Ryan on the Republican ticket mean for your family, your job and your community? 60
Jul 18 2012 What do you think about extending the Bush tax cuts for the middle class and ending tax breaks for the richest 2%? 11
May 02 2012 We want to hear your story of what doubling the interest rate on student loans would mean for you or your family, or for the people you educate and serve. 12
Apr 27 2012 The labor movement will remember millions of working people who have been hurt or killed on the job April 28, Workers’ Memorial Day. Tell us about health and safety issues at your workplace. 0
Mar 08 2012 If you could ask the Republican presidential candidates one question they haven’t answered so far, what would it be? 264
Feb 17 2012 President Obama's budget proposal rejects the cuts-only obsession of many in Congress, and includes several concrete, doable policies that will provide relief to Americans still struggling to get by today. Tell us what you think about President Obama’s budget blueprint. 8
Jan 25 2012 What are your thoughts on President Obama's State of the Union address? 119
Jan 18 2012 How you have been affected in this economy and what you want to hear from President Obama during his State of the Union address? 192
Jan 11 2012 What are your thoughts on the Republican presidential candidates’ policy positions? Which issues would you like the Republican candidates to address as this nominating process continues? 135
Mar 12 2012 The contributions of public employees are often taken for granted. How would you explain the value of your work to a stranger? 13
Jan 12 2012 What is the most pressing issue facing public employees in 2012? 4
Nov 10 2011 What are your thoughts about employers and health insurers providing incentives for wellness behavior? 39
Aug 19 2011 With the loss of federal stimulus funding combined with the continuing recession, state and local governments have experienced unprecedented cuts over the past year. What impact have these cuts had on you personally, and on the services you and your agency provide? 2
Jun 13 2011 What revenue-raising policies do you support and why?
a. Income surtax on wealthy earners.
b. Sales taxes on services, including dry cleaning, legal services and home repairs.
c. Elimination of the ceiling ($106,800 in 2011) on Social Security taxes.
d. Elimination of subsidies for oil companies.
e. All of the above.
f. None of the above.
Jun 13 2011 Do you think all public employees should be covered by Social Security? 10
Jun 10 2011 The Special Olympics World Summer Games start June 25 in Athens. Are you a Special Olympics volunteer or coach? Please tell us why you volunteer and the benefits of being involved. 8
May 09 2011 If you were an elected official, what policies would you support to balance the budget, and why? 7
Apr 15 2011 Do public employees earn more than comparable workers in the private sector? 1
Mar 11 2011 Public employees across the country make a difference every day in the lives of Americans. How is your work making a difference? 3