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Activities for Attendees

  • The Bully Project has developed a comprehensive toolkit for school staff to discuss issues of bullying, bully prevention and how to promote a welcoming school environment. We are giving 50 of these kits (valued at $30 each) to our members! All you have to do is complete this short survey about bully prevention in your schools or communities. Don’t miss Lee Hirsch, director of the Bully Project, who will be on the closing general session panel.
  • Educators Providing Healthcare for Students Focus Group
    If you are a regular public school educator in grades 1-12 and have had a student with a chronic condition in your classroom, you're invited to participate in a focus group sponsored by the National Association of School Nurses. The focus group will help inform a grant project that will identify the barriers and challenges facing regular education staff who work with children who have a chronic condition, as well as identify the resources that are most helpful to regular education staff. A secondary aim of the grant will be to see if the barriers and challenges differ when there is a school nurse in the building. Space is limited. Please fill out this form to register for the time that you would like to attend.
  • Upload your resources to Share My Lesson and get a t-shirt, while supplies last. First, register on Share My Lesson by clicking on “Join Us”. You will receive an email right away asking you to complete your registration. (Didn’t get an email? Send an email to and let us know the email address you used to register.) Second, upload your resources. (Need help uploading?). Third, send an email to and include the link to your uploaded resource or give us your username and we’ll look it up. Include your mailing address and t-shirt size.
  • Are you a Nationally Board Certified Teacher? The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards would like to interview you to find out what you think needs to be done to advance NBPTS. Interested? Click here and let us know how to reach you and we’ll schedule a time to interview you in the TEACH Expo Area.