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Kellman Corporate Community Elementary School

Kellman Corporate Community Elementary School admits students by lottery to participate in Spanish and technology magnet programs. The school serves students in prekindergarten through grade 8. Nearly 100 percent of Kellman students are African-American, and nearly 92 percent receive free or reduced-priced lunch. With a 94.3 percent attendance rate and state test scores that exceed state averages in most areas, this school narrows achievement gaps often seen in Chicago. Kellman students meet or exceed state test standards in reading, math and science at rates higher than the average for Chicago Public Schools.

As part of the Chicago Math and Science Initiative, Kellman offers National Science Foundation-funded math programs, including Math Trailblazers and Connected Math. Additionally, all K-8 students are offered Spanish instruction. Academic success is bolstered by a high-speed wireless network, shared laptops for students in grades K-3, individual laptops for students in grades 4-8, and new laptops given to students upon graduation for use in high school. A partnership with the Kellman Family Foundation, the school’s founder, supports innovation and creativity leading to student achievement.

In 2004, Kellman was honored by the National Center for Educational Achievement (NCEA) as a “high performer.” NCEA highlighted the school’s participation in a partnership between Chicago Public Schools and DePaul University. As a result of this partnership, Kellman adopted 10 reforms in areas such as assessment, curriculum pacing and professional development. NCEA also noted Kellman’s supports for new teachers and its collaboration among all teachers (such as voluntary focus groups and informal teacher observations). Kellman was the only elementary school to participate in the district’s School Teams Achieving Results for Students, a professional development framework that includes summer leadership academies and follow-up training sessions. Additional opportunities for professional development have focused on the use of data for school improvement. Kellman’s commitment to improving instruction and its willingness to partner with outside groups will ensure its students’ continued success.


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