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RSS feeds will be available soon. Please check back as we continue to expand and improve our new site.

What is RSS?
RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication." It is a way for AFT to send updated Web content to you, so that you do not have to come looking for it. Setting up RSS feeds gives you the ability to pull the news information, blog posts and other Web content that you are interested in seeing from an assortment of different Web sites to one central location, without having to visit the Web sites you have taken the feed from.

Why should I use RSS?
RSS allows you to stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites all around the Web that you are interested in, while saving you a lot of time by not needing to visit each site individually. It is also a way for you to ensure your own personal privacy, by not needing to subscribe to different Web sites' e-newsletters. No personal information is needed to subscribe to an RSS feed.

How do I begin to use RSS?
In order to use RSS, you will need something called a reader. Readers check the feeds you have subscribed to and provide you with any updated content. Most Web browsers come with readers built in, so no additional application is needed. If your browser does not have such a feature, there are many different readers freely available online, with no download necessary. These readers include:

After either confirming that your browser has a reader, or installing your own reader, you are ready to subscribe to the AFT Tools for Teachers feed. In order to subscribe:

  • Locate the RSS symbol—it will be located either on the page or on your Internet browser's toolbar.
  • Click the symbol.
  • On the new Web page that opens, there should be a link toward the top of the page that says "subscribe now." Click that link. Note that different browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) may contain slightly different language.
  • The feed should now be in your browser's reader, saved in a fashion similar to an ordinary bookmark. You may also have the option of putting the feed into another reader, like Google Reader. This option is not generally necessary unless you are familiar with and prefer the use of a reader other than the one in your browser.
  • You are now subscribed to the AFT Tools for Teachers feed! Click on your browser's feeds feature when you want to find the most recent information from AFT's Tools for Teachers site. In Internet Explorer you can access it quickly by pressing the "Alt" key and the "C" key at the same time.
  • Note that sometimes you may be required to right click the feed and click refresh to get updates.