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May/June 2012


Feature Story
Stop a Bully

Fed up bus drivers, new movie highlight the dangers of bullies run wild.

"ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" according to Houston school bus drivers who picketed outside their district headquarters in April, calling for the disciplining of bullies who harass other students and abuse the drivers.

"We have kids on our buses every week fighting," says Wretha Thomas, president of the Houston Educational Support Personnel. "We have bus drivers being disrespected every day." The reason drivers rallied and held a news conference, Thomas says, is that "we wanted the community to know what's going on in the school buses before somebody's kid gets killed."

Drivers even reported a case of gunfire. The bullies "are not afraid of anybody doing anything to them," says driver Velma Allen.

The rally yielded a meeting with school officials who promised to add bus attendants on the worst routes and training for drivers, Thomas says. The local union also sought AFT training on managing student behavior in school buses. Thomas says school workers need to know that they don't have to put up with bullying, and they are not alone.


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