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American Teacher
May/June 2013


This edition was the final issue of American Teacher. American Educator, our flagship magazine for K-12 educators, now includes some of the news and resources formerly included in Teacher. You can still access back issues of American Teacher by selecting the Issues Index link at left, and please also visit the links to current and past issues of American Educator. In addition, you can sign up for our AFT Teachers monthly email newsletter here.

Feature Story
A United Front

Educators, parents, students and the community are coming together to fight school closings and the disinvestment in public education.

When schools are closed, the ramifications run deep. Students are disconnected from the productive, caring relationships they had with teachers and other school staff. Kids accustomed to walking to a nearby school are forced to travel many blocks—often through dangerous areas—to get to school. And neighborhoods often lose an institution that had served as an important and reliable community hub.

Is it any wonder that school closings usually spark outrage and distrust on the part of parents, students, educators and the community?

In March, the Philadelphia’s School Reform Commission voted to shutter 26 schools and, that same month, the Chicago Public Schools announced it was closing more than 50 schools. Both decisions led to massive communitywide protests. The crisis in Philadelphia was prompted by a recommendation from the Boston Consulting Group to close 64 neighborhood schools, almost one-third of the city’s schools. BCG is notorious for its privatization schemes.


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About American Teacher

American Teacher covers a wide range of activities of interest to preK-12 educators. It includes classroom resources and profiles of members, as well as reports on education reform efforts, teachers' rights, union organizing, effective teaching techniques and other education and labor issues. American Teacher is published six times a year and is mailed to all preK-12 educators who are members of the AFT as a benefit of membership. Single copies are free on request. Questions, comments and inquiries about American Teacher should be sent to its managing editor Roger Glass.  
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