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American Educator
Winter 1995-1996


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Helping Students in the Middle

When standards are high and stakes are clear, average students can soar much higher than they now do. Here's proof

A Teacher Fights Back 
By Philip Taliaferro III and Lucinda C. Shirooni

When the school administration failed to protect her from a disruptive, threatening student, a teacher turned to the law—and won.

Elements of an Effective Discipline Strategy

Does your district lack a uniform discipline policy? Or does it have one that's cumbersome, vague, or otherwise ineffective? Here are some practical guidelines prepared by the AFT's new Lessons for Life campaign.

Swimming Against the Mainstream
By Pete Idstein

Moving one chronically disruptive special ed student to a more restrictive environment took almost nine months, hundred of hours of work, and thousands of dollars to achieve. Here's one principal's story, but it's being repeated in schools all across the country.

Harry Wu: Free to Fight Another Day

Starved, beaten, humiliated, half-frozen to death, Harry Wu spent 19 years in the forced labor camps of China. Finally safe in the United States, he risked recapture by returning to China to document the conditions of the millions left behind.

With Gratitude and Solidarity

"I was saved by the efforts of many people. But no other people were more important than those in the American labor movement" – Harry Wu's address to the AFL-CIO convention, October, 1995.

Forced Labor in China
By Harry Wu

China's forced labor camp system is both a mechanism for political suppression and a system of economic production. Products made by an estimated ten million prisoners include many that are imported into the United States.

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American Educator is a quarterly journal of educational research and ideas published by the American Federation of Teachers. Recent articles have focused on such topics as reducing the achievement gap between poor and affluent students, heading off student discipline problems, teaching an appreciation and understanding of democracy, the benefits of a common coherent curriculum, and other issues affecting children and education here and abroad. Total circulation, as of our most recent issue, is over 900,000.

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