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American Educator
Spring 2014


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One Piece of the Whole (PDF) (HTML)
Teacher Evaluation as Part of a Comprehensive System for Teaching and Learning
By Linda Darling-Hammond

As a major policy focus, teacher evaluation is currently the primary tool promoted to improve teaching quality. But evaluation alone is not enough. What will most transform teaching quality—and the profession—is the creation of a larger system that supports teaching and learning through on-the-job evaluation and professional development, and that ultimately focuses on continuous improvement.

When Evaluation Supports a Collective Perspective (PDF) (HTML)

A Glimpse into High-Quality Evaluation (PDF) (HTML)

Criteria for an Effective Teacher Evaluation System (PDF) (HTML)

Survey Says (PDF) (HTML)
Using Teacher Feedback to Bolster Evaluation
By Ross Wiener and Kasia Lundy

Like many leading businesses, school systems can use a survey-based approach to make teacher voice integral in shaping teacher evaluation and providing the necessary supports.

The Professional Educator (PDF) (HTML)
A Fine Balance
By David Cicarella

A local union president shares how his members worked with the school district to create an evaluation system focused on supporting struggling teachers and helping those already strong in their craft continue to improve.

The Mind Shift in Teacher Evaluation (PDF) (HTML)
Where We Stand—and Where We Need to Go
By Angela Minnici

Before teacher evaluation can succeed, we must change the way we think about its main purpose. Those engaged in designing and implementing effective evaluation systems must agree on critical components, such as defining what good teaching is, as well as avoiding common missteps, such as excluding educators from the work.

Minding the Knowledge Gap (PDF) (HTML)
The Importance of Content in Student Learning
By Daisy Christodoulou
A former teacher in the United Kingdom debunks the myth that teaching facts prevents understanding, and she explains why teaching content knowledge is part of the primary mission of education.

Promethean Summer (PDF) (HTML)
Professional Development Boldly Focuses on the Classics
By Jennifer Dubin

Each year, a three-week summer program in Dallas provides teachers from across grade levels and disciplines the opportunity to study literary classics that reinvigorate their teaching and renew their passion for lifelong learning.

Teaching and Its Spiritual Power (PDF) (HTML)
By Louise Cowan

Where We Stand (PDF)
Teaching and Learning over Testing
By Randi Weingarten

Mailbox (PDF)

News in Brief (PDF)

ShareMyLesson (PDF)

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