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American Educator
Fall 2011


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Phoenix Rising
Bringing the Common Core State Mathematics Standards to Life
By Hung-Hsi Wu

For many teachers, mathematics is a frightening subject. They are right to be afraid: most math standards are incoherent and virtually all textbooks contain many errors. Worse, teacher education in mathematics, both pre- and in-service, tends to be light on mathematics content that is relevant to the K–12 classroom. Solving these problems will take enormous effort, but the Common Core State Mathematics Standards are an important first step. Unlike most other standards, these have the potential to logically and coherently build students' knowledge of mathematics. Bringing these standards to life in classrooms will require a new partnership between mathematicians and educators so that correct mathematics and effective pedagogy can be written into brand new (not revised!) teacher education programs and student textbooks.

The Fundamental Principles of Mathematics

A University-Level Look at Adding Fractions and Multiplying Negative Numbers

Understanding Numbers in Elementary School Mathematics

The Early College Challenge
Early college high schools challenge students who have not excelled with grade-level academic content to take college courses while still in high school. These two articles—one on research-based best practices, another on a district-wide effort—move beyond the hype that often surrounds these schools to explore the supports students need to succeed.

Navigating Disadvantaged Students' Transition to College
By James E. Rosenbaum and Kelly Iwanaga Becker

Hidalgo Sets Sail
A School District Supports All Students in Earning College Credits
By Thad R. Nodine

The Professional Educator
Pittsburgh's Winning Partnership
By Sean D. Hamill

In Pittsburgh, the school district and the union transformed their once-contentious relationship into a true partnership. Their story holds valuable lessons for how labor-management collaboration can improve teaching and learning.

Lessons to Share

Getting It Right from the Start
The Case for Early Parenthood Education
By Thomas G. Sticht

Discussions of the early childhood education research often ignore one essential feature of all the most effective programs: parenting education. 

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