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Index of Authors (P-T)

Listed by author's last name.


Articles not posted online are available. To request a copy, please send an e-mail to


Paglin, Catherine
Fall 2004 • Practicing Prevention

Parker, David L.
Spring 2008 • Before Their Time (PDF)

Payne, Charles M.
Spring 2011 • Demanding and Supporting Success (PDF)

Pearson, Sarah S.; Marty Blank; and Reuben Jacobson
Summer 2009 • A Coordinated Effort (PDF)

Perata, David D.
Winter 1997–1998 • Those Pullman Blues

Perlstein, Linda
Summer 2010 • Unintended Consequences (PDF)

Perrin, Noel
Winter 2007–2008 • A Child's Delight

Peske, Heather G.; David Kauffman; Susan Moore Johnson; Susan M. Kardos; and Edward Liu
Summer 2002 • Lost at Sea

Petrilli, Michael J.; Chester E. Finn Jr.
Winter 2007–2008 • Conjuring Cut Scores (PDF)

Phillips, Meredith; and Tiffani Chin
Summer 2005 • Season of Inequality

Phillips, Vicki; and Randi Weingarten
Summer 2013 • Six Steps to Effective Teacher Development and Evaluation (PDF) (HTML)

Pickard, Patricia R.
Spring 2006 • Conjuring Willa Cather

Pickett, Kate; and Richard Wilkinson
Spring 2011 • Greater Equality (PDF)

Plutzer, Eric; and Michael Berkman
Summer 2012 • An Evolving Controversy (PDF)

Pondiscio, Richard; and E. D. Hirsch Jr.
Winter 2010–2011 • There's No Such Thing as a Reading Test (PDF)

Popham, W. James
Winter 2000–2001 • Burned at the High Stakes

Post, David
Fall 2010 • Good Schools, Great Results (PDF)

Powell, Arthur G.
Fall 1997 • Student Incentives and the College Board System

Prince, Cynthia D.
Winter 2002 • Attracting Well-Qualified Teachers to Struggling Schools

Puckett, John; Lee Benson; Ira Harkavy; and Michael Johanek
Summer 2009 • The Enduring Appeal of Community Schools (PDF)

Puddington, Arch
Fall 2003 • Freedom's Opposite
Summer 2005 • Surviving the Underground
Summer 2008 • Freedom in Retreat (PDF)


Quinn, Jane; and Joy Dryfoos
Summer 2009 • Freeing Teachers to Teach (PDF)


Ramsey, Elizabeth; Hill M. Walker; and Frank M. Gresham
Winter 2003–2004 • Heading Off Disruptive Behavior
Winter 2003–2004 • How Disruptive Students Escalate Hostility and Disorder—and How Teachers Can Avoid It

Ravitch, Diane
Summer 2001 • A Forgotten Hero of Liberal Education
Summer 2003 • Thin Gruel
Fall 2003 • Leaving Reality Out
Winter 2006–2007 • Why Teacher Unions Are Good for Teachers—and the Public
Spring 2010 • A Century of Skills Movements (PDF)
Summer 2010 • In Need of a Renaissance (PDF)

Reed, Elaine Wrisley
Winter 1997–1998 • Projects and Activities: A Means, Not an End (PDF)

Resnick, Lauren; and Chris Zurawsky
Spring 2005 • Getting Back on Course

Rickenbrode, Robert; and Kate Walsh
Summer 2013 • Lighting the Way (PDF) (HTML)

Riley, Richard W.; and Arthur L. Coleman
Spring 2011 • Turning the Page on the Equity Debate (PDF)

Risley, Todd R.; and Betty Hart
Spring 2003 • The Early Catastrophe

Roberts, Ebony M.; Nell K. Duke; and V. Susan Bennett-Armistead
Spring 2003 • Filling the Great Void

Rosenbaum, James E.
Winter 1999–2000 • If Tracking Is Bad, Is Detracking Better? (PDF)
Spring 2004 • It's Time to Tell the Kids

Rosenbaum, James E.; and Kelly Iwanaga Becker
Fall 2011 • The Early College Challenge (PDF)

Rosenbaum, Janet E.; James E. Rosenbaum; and Jennifer L. Stephan
Fall 2010 • Beyond One-Size-Fits-All College Dreams (PDF)

Rosenfeld, Neill S.
Winter 2006–2007 • Nurturing Teacher Knowledge

Rosenshine, Barak
Spring 2012 • Principles of Instruction (PDF)

Rotherham, Andrew J.; and Daniel T. Willingham
Spring 2010 • "21st-Century" Skills (PDF)

Rothman, Robert
Summer 2002 • A Test Worth Teaching To

Rothstein, Richard
Spring 2009 • What's Wrong with Accountability by the Numbers? (PDF)
Summer 2009 • Equalizing Opportunity (PDF)

Rothstein, Richard; Rebecca Jacobsen; and Tamara Wilder
Spring 2009 • Grading Education (PDF)

Rubinstein, Saul A.
Winter 2013–2014 • Strengthening Partnerships (PDF) (HTML)

Rude, Ron
Spring 2002 • The Road to Interest and Curiosity

Ruggiero, Vincent Ryan
Summer 2000 • Bad Attitude (PDF)


Sahlberg, Pasi
Summer 2011 • Lessons from Finland (PDF)
Spring 2012 • A Model Lesson (PDF)

Sarjala, Jukka
Spring 2013 • Equality and Cooperation (PDF) (HTML)

Saunders, William; Claude Goldenberg; and David Marcelletti
Summer 2013 • English Language Development (PDF) (HTML)

Schierenbeck, Jack
Winter 2000–2001 • Lost and Found

Schmidt, William
Summer 2002 • The Benefit to Subject-Matter Knowledge (PDF)
Fall 2005 • The Role of Curriculum
Spring 2008 • What's Missing from Math Standards? (PDF)

Schmidt, William H.; and Nathan A. Burroughs
Spring 2013 • Springing to Life (PDF) (HTML)

Schmidt, William H.; Leland S. Cogan; and Curtis C. Mcknight
Winter 2010–2011 • Equality of Educational Opportunity (PDF)

Schmidt, William; Richard Houang; and Leland Cogan
Summer 2002 • A Coherent Curriculum (PDF)

Schmitz, Terri
Summer 2004 • Magic Casements

Schreibman, Laura
Summer 2006 • Alone in the World

Schwartz, Andrea Wershof; Kevin M. Chatham-Stephens; Mana Mann; and Philip J. Landrigan
Winter 2011–2012 • First, Do No Harm (PDF)

Semi, Ritva
Spring 2013 • Common Ground on Class Size (PDF) (HTML)

Sen, Amartya
Summer 2000 • Democracy as a Universal Value

Senechal, Diana
Spring 2010 • The Most Daring Education Reform of All (PDF)
Winter 2010–2011 • The Spark of Specifics (PDF)
Winter 2011–2012 • The Cult of Success (PDF)
Winter 2012–2013 • The Folly of the Big Idea (PDF)

Senser, Robert A.
Winter 2002 • Toying with Lives
Winter 2002 • Worker Protests Spread, Despite Repression and "Official Unions"

Sethi, Anita; and LaRue Allen
Summer 2004 • Bridging the Gap between Poor and Privileged

Sewall, Gilbert T.
Summer 2000 • Lost in Action
Fall 2007 • Teaching Plutarch in the Age of Hollywood
Fall 2007 • Extended Web Version: Plutarch for the Sound-Bite Generation

Shanahan, Timothy
Fall 2013 • Letting the Text Take Center Stage (PDF) (HTML)

Shanker, Al
Spring/Summer 1997 • The Power of Ideas
Fall 2000 • Al Shanker Remembers

Shanker, Jennie
Fall 2000 • A Blackboard's Reflection

Shattuck, Roger
Spring 2005 • Curriculum First

Shorris, Earl
Winter 1997–1998 • The Triumphant Power of the Humanities

Silverman, Steve
Winter 2003–2004 • Mayday at 41,000 Feet—Watch Those Units!

Singer, P. W.
Winter 2005–2006 • Child Soldiers

Slavin, Robert
Fall 1998 • Far and Wide (PDF)

Spitzer, Robert J.
Summer 1999 • The Gun Dispute

Stahl, Steven A.
Fall 1999 • Different Strokes for Different Folks? (PDF)
Spring 2003 • How Words Are Learned Incrementally Over Multiple Exposures (PDF)

Stanovich, Keith E.; Anne E. Cunningham
Spring/Summer 1998 • What Reading Does for the Mind (PDF)

Stead, Tony
Fall 2005 • Opening the Door to a World of Possibilities

Sternberg, Robert J.
Spring 1999 • Ability and Expertise

Stephan, Jennifer L.; James E. Rosenbaum; and Janet E. Rosenbaum
Fall 2010 • Beyond One-Size-Fits-All College Dreams (PDF)

Sticht, Thomas G.
Fall 2000 • Swords and Pens
Fall 2011 • Getting It Right from the Start (PDF)

Stigler, James W.; and James Heibert
Winter 1998 • Teaching Is a Cultural Activity

Stigler, James W.; James Hiebert; and Ronald Gallimore
Spring 2004 • Opening Classroom Doors

Stringfield, Sam
Fall 1998 • Choosing Success (PDF)

Sullivan, Megan; Steve Metz
Winter 2006–2007 • Science Careers for the "Why Take Science?" Crowd

Swaim, Marty Shollenberger; and Stephen C. Swaim
Fall 1999 • Teacher Time (PDF)

Sweller, John; Richard E. Clark; and Paul A. Kirschner
Winter 2010–2011 • Mathematical Ability Relies on Knowledge, Too (PDF)
Spring 2012 • Putting Students on the Path to Learning (PDF)


Theokas, Christina; and Karin Chenoweth
Fall 2012 • Leading for Learning (PDF)

Torgesen, Joseph K.
Spring/Summer 1998 • Catch Them Before They Fall (PDF)
Fall 2004  • Avoiding the Devastating Downward Spiral

Treiman, Rebecca; R. Malatesha Joshi; Suzanne Carreker; and Louisa C. Moats
Winter 2008–2009 • How Words Cast Their Spell (PDF)

Trilling, Lionel
Fall 2002 • Huckleberry Finn: 1948

Truss, Lynne
Fall 2004 • Eats, Shoots & Leaves

Tsuchida, Ineko; Catherine C. Lewis
Winter 1998 • A Lesson Is Like a Swiftly Flowing River (PDF)

Tudge, Colin
Winter 2001 • Why Science Should Warm Our Hearts