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Index of Authors (F-J)

Listed by author's last name.


Articles not posted online are available. To request a copy, please send an e-mail to


Fabricant, Michael B.
Spring 2011 • Organizing for Equity (PDF)

Fallon, Roberta
Spring 2004 • Education in Wonderland

Farkas, Steve; Ann Duffett; and Jean Johnson
Summer 2003 • Now That I'm Here

Farkas, Steve; and Jean Johnson
Fall 1998 • Looking at the Schools

Feinberg, Barbara
Winter 2004–2005 • Reflections on the "Problem Novel"

Feldman, Sandra
Fall 1997 • Passing on Failure
Fall 1998 • A Teacher Quality Manifesto
Spring 1999 • Remember Tiananmen Square
Fall 2000 • Standards are Working (PDF)
Fall 2001 • Closing the Achievement Gap

Ferris, Timothy
Fall 2002 • The Whole Shebang

Ficklen, Ellen; and Carol Muscara
Fall 2001 • Harnessing Technology in the Classroom

Finn Jr., Chester E.; and Michael J. Petrilli
Winter 2007–2008 • Conjuring Cut Scores (PDF)

Fischer, Stephanie
Winter 2000–2001 • Enlightenment for Children

Fiske, Edward B.
Fall 1997 • Art on the Prairie (PDF)

Fiske, Edward B.; and Helen F. Ladd
Fall 2000 • A Level Playing Field? (PDF)

Fitzhugh, Will
Winter 2011–2012 • Meaningful Work (PDF)

Florey, Kitty Burns
Summer 2008 • A Picture of Language (PDF)

Foorman, Barbara R.; Marilyn Jager Adams; Ingvar Lundberg; and Terri Beeler
Spring/Summer 1998 • The Elusive Phoneme

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute
Summer 2012 • World-Class Ambitions, Weak Standards (PDF)

Forzani, Francesca M.; and Deborah Loewenberg Ball
Summer 2011 • Building a Common Core for Learning to Teach (PDF)

Frede, Ellen; and W. Steven Barnett
Spring 2010 • The Promise of Preschool (PDF)


Gagnon, Paul
Fall 2003 • In Pursuit of a "Civic Core"
Summer 2005 • Finding Who and Where We Are

Gallimore, Ronald; James Hiebert; and James W. Stigler
Spring 2004 • Opening Classroom Doors

Garbarino, James
Summer 1999 • Young Murderers

Gibbon, Peter H.
Winter 2002 • Heroes for Our Age

Glidden, Heidi
Spring 2008 • Common Ground (PDF)

Glidden, Heidi; and Amy M. Hightower
Spring 2007 • Mismatch (PDF)

Goldenberg, Claude
Summer 2008 • Teaching English Language Learners (PDF)
Summer 2013 • Unlocking the Research on English Learners (PDF) (HTML)

Goldenberg, Claude; Judy Hicks; and Ira Lit
Summer 2013 • Dual Language Learners (PDF) (HTML)

Goldenberg, Claude; William Saunders; and David Marcelletti
Summer 2013 • English Language Development (PDF) (HTML)

Goldstein, Jennifer
Fall 2008 • Taking the Lead (PDF)

Gosse, Carolyn; and Lisa Hansel
Summer 2014 • Taken for Granted (PDF) (HTML)

Gourevitch, Philip
Fall 2003 • Genocide in Rwanda

Graham, Steve
Winter 2009–2010 • Want to Improve Children's Writing? (PDF)

Gray, David
Winter 2012–2013 • Union Members Are Community Members (PDF)

Green, James
Winter 2008–2009 • Why Teach Labor History? (PDF)

Greene, Jane Fell
Spring/Summer 1998 • Another Chance (PDF)

Gregory, Lynn W.; Nancy Nevarez; and Alexandra T. Weinbaum
Winter 2006–2007 • Cultivate the Right Solution (PDF)

Gresham, Frank M.; Hill M. Walker; and Elizabeth Ramsey
Winter 2003–2004 • Heading Off Disruptive Behavior
Winter 2003–2004 • How Disruptive Students Escalate Hostility and Disorder—and How Teachers Can Avoid It

Griffin, Darion; and Giselle Lundy-Ponce
Summer 2003 • At the Starting Line

Gross, Paul R.
Spring 2008 • No Contest (PDF)
Fall 2009 • Learning Science (PDF)


Hakim, Joy
Spring 2002 • The Story of the Atom (PDF)
Fall 2004 • Fantastic Journey

Hall, Susan L.; and Louisa C. Moats
Spring 2000 • Why Reading to Children Is Important (PDF)

Hamilton, Laura S.
Winter 2010–2011 • Testing What Has Been Taught (PDF)

Hamilton, Rebecca L.; Isabel L. Beck; Margaret G. McKeown; and Linda Kucan
Spring/Summer 1998 • Getting at the Meaning

Hamill, Sean D.
Fall 2011 • Pittsburgh's Winning Partnership (PDF)

Hansel, Lisa; and Carolyn Gosse
Summer 2014 • Taken for Granted (PDF) (HTML)

Harkavy, Ira; Lee Benson; Michael Johanek; and John Puckett
Summer 2009 • The Enduring Appeal of Community Schools (PDF)

Harris, Lauren McArthur; and Robert B. Bain
Summer 2011 • Pedagogical Content Knowledge for World History Teachers (PDF)

Hart, Betty; and Todd R. Risley
Spring 2003 • The Early Catastrophe

Harwayne, Shelley
Fall 2000 • How to Establish Writing as a Way of Life (PDF)

Hasbrouck, Jan
Summer 2006 • Drop Everything and Read—but How?

Heckman, James J.
Spring 2011 • The Economics of Inequality (PDF)

Hicks, Judy; Claude Goldenberg; and Ira Lit
Summer 2013 • Dual Language Learners (PDF) (HTML)

Hiebert, James; Ronald Gallimore; and James W. Stigler
Spring 2004 • Opening Classroom Doors

Hiebert, James; and James W. Stigler
Winter 1998 • Teaching Is a Cultural Activity (PDF)

Hightower, Amy M.; and Heidi Glidden
Spring 2007 • Mismatch (PDF)

Hill, Heather; and David Cohen
Summer 2002 • The Case of California (PDF)

Hill, Norman; and Velma Murphy Hill
Fall 2013 • Living History (PDF) (HTML)

Hill, Velma Murphy; and Norman Hill
Fall 2013 • Living History (PDF) (HTML)

Hirsch Jr., E. D.
Spring 2000 • 'You Can Always Look It Up' ... Or Can You? (PDF)
Summer 2001 • Overcoming the Language Gap
Summer 2002 • The Benefit to Equity (PDF)
Spring 2003 • Reading Comprehension Requires Knowledge—of Words and the World (PDF)
Spring 2006 • Building Knowledge
Spring 2008 • Plugging the Hole in State Standards (PDF)
Winter 2009–2010 • Creating a Curriculum for the American People (PDF)
Winter 2010–2011 • Beyond Comprehension (PDF)

Hirsch Jr., E. D.; and Robert Pondiscio
Winter 2010–2011 • There's No Such Thing as a Reading Test (PDF)

Honda, Michael
Spring 2011 • Preserving the American Dream (PDF)

Horton, James Oliver
Fall 2005 • The Power of Place
Fall 2005 • The Old Courthouse

Houang, Richard; William Schmidt; and Leland Cogan
Summer 2002 • A Coherent Curriculum (PDF)

Hymowitz, Kay S.
Spring 2001 • Parenting: The Lost Art


Irons, Peter
Summer 2004 • Jim Crow's Schools


Jacobs, Vicki A.;  and Jeanne S. Chall
Spring 2003 • The Classic Study on Poor Children's Fourth-Grade Slump

Jacobsen, Rebecca; Richard Rothstein; and Tamara Wilder
Spring 2009 • Grading Education (PDF)

Jacobson, Jennifer (see also: Dubin, Jennifer)
Spring 2007 • In the Zone
Fall 2007 • Focusing on the Forgotten
Fall 2007 • When Challenged, Average Kids Succeed

Jacobson, Reuben; Marty Blank; and Sarah S. Pearson
Summer 2009 • A Coordinated Effort (PDF)

Jago, Carol
Winter 1999–2000 • Don't Discard the Classics

Johanek, Michael; Lee Benson; Ira Harkavy; and John Puckett
Summer 2009 • The Enduring Appeal of Community Schools (PDF)

Johnson, Jean; Ana Maria Arumi; and Amber Ott
Fall 2006 • Balancing the Educational Agenda (PDF)

Johnson, Jean; and Steve Farkas
Fall 1998 • Looking at the Schools

Johnson, Jean; Steve Farkas; and Ann Duffett
Summer 2003 • Now That I'm Here

Johnson, Susan Moore; David Kauffman; Susan M. Kardos; Edward Liu; and Heather G. Peske
Summer 2002 • Lost at Sea

Johnson, Susan Moore; and the Project on the Next Generation of Teachers
Summer 2006 •  ...and Why New Teachers Stay (PDF)

Jones, William P
Fall 2013 • The Move to Unity (PDF) (HTML)

Joshi, R. Malatesha; Rebecca Treiman; Suzanne Carreker; and Louisa C. Moats
Winter 2008–2009 • How Words Cast Their Spell (PDF)