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December 2013

Detroit public workers' pensions shouldn't take the hit in bankruptcy (12/20)

AFT On Campus asks, 'Why MOOCs?' (12/19)

Lockout at L+M ends, nurses and techs return to work (12/19)

Pittsburgh school board rescinds Teach for America contract (12/19)

AFT leaders urge government to delist accrediting agency (12/14)

Thousands come together for National Day of Action (12/10)

National Day of Action: The excitement is growing (12/6)

DC stands up to ALEC—and for democracy (12/6)

AFT and First Book reach 1 million book milestone (12/4)

Visitors flock to AFT exhibit at early childhood meeting (12/2)

Conn. nurses and techs end strike; face lock out by hospital (12/2)

November 2013

Conn. healthcare workers strike for improved patient care (11/27)

Engaged and mobilized retirees are a major resource for the union (11/26)

Report shows Detroit crisis is about revenue, not spending (11/20)

AFT hosts LA students for screening of 'Mandela' (11/20)

AFT urges passage of early childhood education legislation (11/13)

Home health aides vote to join AFT Connecticut (11/12)

Weingarten tops list of key figures in fight for pensions (11/12)

National Day of Action set for Dec. 9 (11/8)

Baltimore school tour offers food for thought (11/8)

Head Start employees in New York say 'yes' to unionizing (11/7)

Pennsylvanians aim to send Gov. Corbett packing (11/7)

Common Core implementation lacking, Weingarten says (11/5)

Obama visits model high school where AFT members work (11/5)

October 2013

Rutgers faculty say no to Pearson eCollege (10/31/13)

Superstorm Sandy: Out of crisis, community (10/29/13)

A 'grand bargain' that would cut Social Security and Medicare would be a 'grand betrayal' (10/25)

Take action during Campus Equity Week, Oct. 28-Nov. 2 (10/25)

AFT applauds Obama's new push for immigration reform (10/24)

United Nations Day (10/23)

Share My Lesson adds resources on new Mandela movie (10/23)

Career and technical education: A pathway to success (10/18)

AFT honors winners of Prize for Solution-Driven Unionism (10/17)

Philadelphia funding cuts have tragic consequences (10/15)

AFT brings diverse group together around a core set of principles (10/9)

Weingarten, Neira arrested at huge immigration rally (10/9)

Education Nation highlights AFT's views on school reform (10/8)

AFT project offers tools to understand international comparisons (10/4)

Reclaiming the Promise conversation series kicks off (10/3)

AFT leaders show solidarity with counterparts in Mexico (10/3)

Philly protest draws attention to corporate reform agenda (10/3)

Congress gets an earful from Head Start families (10/3)

Reclaiming the Promise conversation series kicks off (10/3)

AFT leader joins Capitol Hill discussion on pre-K investments (10/2)

September 2013

Youngstown nurses back at work as hospital ends lockout (9/30)

Event provides 40,000 books to Philadelphia students (9/30)

1963 march participant Andrew Courtney returns to Washington for the 50th
anniversary (9/27)

A not-so-grand bargain for seniors (9/26)

NM educators file suit against teacher evaluation rule (9/24)

Black Caucus discusses school closings, teacher diversity (9/24)

Ohio nurses walk picket line to maintain quality care (9/24)

Fight for full funding in Philadelphia continues (9/20)

Lawmakers go to the mat for early learning (9/19)

Project brings free laptops to W.Va. middle-schoolers (9/17)

Philly students and educators deal with chaotic first week (9/13)

H-1B visa provision is important immigration reform issue (9/13)

A victory for Colorado WINS (9/12)

'Reclaiming the Promise' gets backing of AFL-CIO (9/11)

Labor movement stands with Philly educators, community (9/11)

AFL-CIO to work to pass employment non-discrimination act (9/11)

AFL-CIO supports efforts to reduce student loan debt (9/11)

Youngstown nurses fight for high-quality patient care (9/10)

NM educators share concerns with Secretary Duncan (9/9)

AFT to help protect students from child trafficking (9/9)

Bringing global issues into the classroom (9/9)

School bus drivers in Texas win new disciplinary powers (9/6)

Full legislative agenda awaits Congress when it returns (9/5)

August 2013

Philly union makes major concessions to help fund schools (8/29)

Leaders gather 50 years after King's landmark address (8/29)

Washington pays tribute to Bayard Rustin's legacy (8/28)

March on Washington: Continuing 'that righteous fight' (8/26)T

Thousands rally for Philadelphia schools (8/23)

Massachusetts school blazes a path toward partnership (8/23)

Taking a stand for safe staffing (8/22)

Philadelphia educators fight for adequate school resources (8/20)

College students will participate in march activities (8/19)

AFT a sponsor of tribute to civil rights pioneer Rustin (8/19)

Weingarten visits focus on reclaiming the promise (8/15)

AFT goes to the wall for veterans (8/8)

Keep the heat on for immigration reform (8/2)

Community effort brings school meals back in-house (8/1)

July 2013

Retirees demonstrate against proposed cuts to Social Security (7/30)

AFT prepares for 50th anniversary of March on Washington (7/26)


Wise voices on safe and welcoming schools (7/24)

Plattsburgh, N.Y., team makes the most of TEACH (7/24)

Celebrating teachers for making a difference (7/24)

Teaching students to save the earth (7/24)

TEACH attendees get behind early learning (7/24)

AFT report shows the high cost of overtesting (7/23)

Teacher experts reflect on advancing the profession (7/23)

'It's time for us to rally, to mobilize' (7/23)

Putting the 1963 March on Washington in broader context (7/23)

AFT Innovation Fund marks fifth year (7/23)

Common Core panel urges thoughtful implementation (7/23)

DREAMer looks forward to coming out of the shadows (7/22)

Professional Development Network jump-starts TEACH (7/22)

Parents support strong neighborhood public schools (7/22)

AFT effort will 'reclaim the promise of public education' (7/22)

Professional development academy boasts huge turnout (7/17)

Court tosses Mackinac Center-backed challenge to contract (7/16)

Public health nurses make a difference in their communities (7/12)

Missouri contest highlights supporters of bad tax-cut bill (7/10)

Ravitch urges unity in the face of threats to education (7/10)

Negotiations run chilly for public employees in Alaska (7/9)

AFT urges Duncan to intervene to help Philly students (7/1)

AFT raises awareness of summer food shortage for kids (7/1)

June 2013

California union complaint has accreditors in hot seat (6/28)

AFT supports withdrawal of Bangladesh trade privileges (6/28)

AFT report making an impact on the investment community (6/27)

Galvanizing for 50th anniversary of March on Washington (6/26)

DOMA and Prop 8 rulings are huge step for equality (6/26)

Court's decision turns back decades of voting progress (6/26)

AFT praises decision on race and diversity in admissions (6/24)

Debt and disinvestment threaten access to college (6/20)

Lawrence gets in-depth look at Germany education system (6/20)

AFT rallies behind South Korean support workers (6/19)

States get more time to roll out Common Core standards (6/18)

Review of teacher preparation programs needs improvement (6/18)

After five years, Neshaminy teachers win new contract (6/14)

Ramping it up for immigration reform (6/14)

AFT helps form Newtown 'ribbon of remembrance' (6/14) 

Milwaukee pulls back welcome mat from predatory colleges (6/12)

AFT calls for moratorium on mass school closings (6/11)

AFT leaders urge Gap Inc. to sign fire safety accord (6/11)

Education groups back AFT position on Common Core stakes (6/11)

Huge New York rally calls for the state to 'get it right' (6/10)

AFT announces $25,000 Prize for Solution-Driven Unionism (6/10)

Vermont nurses win healthcare victory for transgender people (6/06)

CUNY faculty vote 'no confidence' on curriculum overhaul (6/05)

Unions fight Koch brothers' bid to buy the public square (6/05)

Sen. Harkin's ESEA reauthorization bill is good first step (6/04)

Union coalition wins challenge to state employee layoffs (6/04)

May 2013 

Under pressure, Sallie Mae agrees to meet with students (5/31)

Florida PSRPs convert outdoor space to reading classroom (5/31)

AFT opposes the House-passed student loan bill (5/24)

Immigration bill passes out of Senate Judiciary Committee (5/24)

Career-tech thrives under Toledo's collaborative approach (5/24)

Victories in Oregon as two unions join the AFT (5/23)

Despite closings, fight to save Chicago schools continues (5/23)

AFT responds to critics of Common Core stakes moratorium (5/22)

AFT helps kick off Kansas City Summer of Reading program (5/21)

Weighing in on immigration reform (5/20)

AFT panels focus on sound Common Core rollout (5/17)

Students talk with Duncan about Sallie Mae, loan debt (5/14)

State funding for pre-K plummets (5/13)

Illinois pension proposal is a good and fair agreement (5/13)

Labor-faith coalition urges Cuomo to keep hospital open (5/10)

Telling the U.S. immigration story through film (5/10)

School nurse shortage has widespread impact, says survey (5/9)

Louisiana vouchers unconstitutional, court says (5/8)

Online sales tax: A matter of fairness (5/8)

Macomb Community College adjunct faculty join the AFT (5/7)

AFT nurses visit Sri Lanka to exchange ideas (5/7)

Unions and the community are 'a natural coalition' (5/3)

PSRPs expand reach to educational support staff worldwide (5/1)

Weingarten sparks dialogue on Common Core standards (5/1)

Chicago charter teachers and staff vote to join AFT (5/1)

CFT leaders challenge college accreditation agency (5/1)

April 2013

AFT calls for moratorium on Common Core consequences (4/30)

Educators vote for union at Philadelphia charter school (4/30)

AFT seeks anti-abuse measures in healthcare law (4/25)

NYSUT steps up to First Book challenge (4/23)

Town hall explores ways to diversify teaching workforce (4/22)

Another big win in Chicago charter school organizing (4/19)

AFT spotlights investment managers' unsavory connections (4/18)

Florida teachers take flawed evaluation system to court (4/17)

Pay gap between CEOs and workers reaches record high (4/16)

Thousands flock to nation's capital for immigration reform (4/11)

AFT has mixed response to president's budget proposal (4/10)

Connecticut members help secure landmark gun safety laws (4/4)

NRA proposal won't keep our children and schools safe (4/2)

The return of the Ryan budget (4/1)

March 2013

PSRPs 'are the mortar that holds education together' (3/28)

Chicago mobilizes against mass school closings (3/28)

AFT trains early childhood teachers in Palestine (3/27)

Detroit contracts will help maintain bargaining rights (3/27)

AFT joins rally in support of marriage equality (3/26)

The Elements of a Quality Teacher Development and Evaluation System (3/25)

Recruited teachers ask for fair immigration reform (3/22)

Weingarten helps kick off labor's immigration reform push (3/22)

Forging 'a new kind of nurses organization' (3/21)

Student activists to Secretary Duncan: Let's talk debt (3/20)

Higher ed charts a course through solution-driven unionism (3/15)

Oregon State graduate employees win election (3/15)

Weingarten discusses school closings and education reform (3/12)

Michigan contract agreements beat right-to-work deadline (3/12)

Teaching strategies trump togas at Share My Lesson party (3/11)

Weingarten arrested protesting Philadelphia school closings (3/7)

Judge throws out Louisiana's education reform package (3/5)

Don't let colleges use the ACA to abuse contingent faculty (3/1)

February 2013

Newtown teaches Washington what real loss looks like (2/28)

Activists rally for voting rights at the Supreme Court (2/28)

Investing in our best interest (2/28)

Kansas unions, community stand up and fight back (2/25)

AFT tells Mexico: Stop targeting workers! (2/21)

AFT members lauded as school counselors of the year (2/20)

White House call for universal pre-K resonates across AFT (2/14)

Providence, R.I., debuts cooperative reform initiative (2/14)

National Federation of Nurses to affiliate with the AFT (2/14)

Kansas public employees fighting anti-worker agenda (2/11)

New charter school unions spring up coast to coast (2/8)

AFT mourns Baltimore union leader Brenda Clayburn (2/7)

AFT Connecticut welcomes new healthcare members (2/5)

North Dakota unions approve merger (2/3)

January 2013

Adjuncts learn latest on Affordable Care Act implications (1/28)

Leadership institute: No cape required (1/28)

Education International enters its third decade (1/25)

Support quality higher education at CUNY (1/25)

Philadelphians rally against cuts and school closings (1/24)

Weingarten visits schools that connect careers and learning (1/22)

AFT Stands with Garfield High School Teachers (1/18)

Kansans rally at state Capitol to defend public services (1/15)

First Book partnership makes bilingual books available (1/11)

Oregon labor board rules all grad students are employees (1/11)

AFT welcomes new Louisiana local of teachers and PSRPs (1/8) 

Solis praised for her tenure as secretary of labor (1/10)

December 2012

Town employees win back free speech, overtime (12/27/12)

 AFT and NEA criticize proposals to arm teachers (12/20/12)

AFT-backed charter school wins unanimous approval (12/20/12)

After tragedy, AFT turns to supporting Newtown community (12/18)

Finnish Embassy hosts AFT's Share My Lesson showcase (12/13)

Town hall meetings give voice to community (12/12)

Michigan Republicans ram through right to work law (12/12)

AFT delegates take an active role in PSI World Congress (12/6)

Judge declares Louisiana vouchers unconstitutional (12/3)

November 2012

AFT campaign takes on issue of excessive testing (11/29)

Illinois grad employees win tuition waiver protection (11/29)

Ruling halts implementation of Louisiana voucher plan (11/28)

Teacher/staff furloughs ruled illegal in Louisiana (11/20)

Graduate employees prepare for strike over tuition waivers (11/20)

Broward County educators approve new contract (11/19)

Mastering Common Core standards in any language (11/16)

Ocean City, Md., workers continue fight for bargaining (11/15)

AFT members help with Superstorm Sandy relief effort (11/13)

AFT partners on film project that will help Miami's youth (11/13)

Higher education eyes the fiscal cliff (11/9)

Superstorm Sandy highlights vital role of public employees (11/2)

In tight presidential race, New Hampshire's got game (11/2)

October 2012

Election 2012 tour rolls through the Sunshine State (10/31)

Union workers lead the way in hurricane recovery (10/31)

Wisconsin battles inspire nurse to run for office (10/25)

Broad coalition fights voter suppression efforts (10/24)

AFT kicks off Election 2012 bus tour in Ohio (10/22)

Johnson visits union-run health clinic in Haiti (10/17)

Spending cuts totaling $1.2 trillion will hurt, unless Congress acts to stop sequestration (10/16)

Education unions launch new reading project in Baltimore (10/16)

New movie on school chess team holds critics in check (10/15)

AFT condemns shooting of 14-year-old Pakistani activist (10/11)

Lawrence witnesses Massachusetts school success story (10/11)

Evergreen Park educators strike continues (10/11)

Johnson urges unions to fight to end child labor (10/11)

Weingarten visits innovative Denver nutrition program (10/9)

AFT affiliate leads effort to move ALEC out of New Jersey (10/4)

WSU negotiations grab national headlines (10/04)

California for-profit colleges must come clean (10/04) 

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