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2010 AFT News


Weingarten Tours Troubled Central Falls High School (12/21)

Bill Gates and Randi Weingarten (12/20)

Radiation, alarm-related incidents top the 2011 list of health-tech hazards (12/20)

Connecticut Nurses Union Approves First Contract (12/17)

American Educator Calls for a Common Core Curriculum (12/16)

Faculty at Wisconsin Campuses File for Union Elections (12/16)

New Jersey Nurses Vote for AFT Representation (12/15)

Booklet on Sexual Orientation Now Available in Spanish (12/13)

New Law Advances AFT Goals on Hunger and Nutrition (12/10)

Jefferson Parish School Employees Win Bargaining Rights (12/9)

NLRB Intervenes on Behalf of Longy Faculty Union (12/9)

Seminar Looks at Success of Finland's School System (12/9)

Tell Congress To Pass the DREAM Act Now (12/2)


AFT Seeks Teacher Input on Student Assessment Practices (11/30)

Faculty at UW-La Crosse File for Union Election (11/29)

AFT Praises New Rules for Federal Child Care Grants (11/24)

Latino Education Summit Showcases 'Agenda of Hope' (11/23)

Court Upholds In-State Tuition for 'DREAM' Students (11/19)

Senate Republicans Block Paycheck Fairness Act (11/18)

Baltimore Teachers Ratify Bold Contract Agreement (11/17)

Noted Actor Helps Kick Off 'No Kids Hungry' Campaign (11/12)

Bus Driver Honored for Anti-Bullying Effort (11/10)

Election Results Show Uncertainty About the Future (11/3)

Tulsa Local Beats District's Effort To Split the Union (11/2)

New Video Shows the Dangers of Economic Austerity (11/2)


NLRB Decision May Boost Graduate Employee Organizing (10/29)

Education International To Focus on Teacher Migration (10/29)

Obama Urges Union Members To Keep Up Campaign Efforts (10/28)

ELL Forum Stresses Alignment of State Standards (10/25)

Weingarten Adds Voice to 'It Gets Better' Campaign (10/20)

Weingarten Column Challenges School Reform 'Manifesto' (10/16)

AFT and Other Groups Call for Efforts To Prevent Bullying (10/15)

Conference on Collaboration Details 'Reform from Within' (10/12)

Seminole State Faculty Throw Their Lot with the Union (10/8)

AFT Members Participate in Community College Summit (10/8)

New Report Calls for Rethinking the Nursing Profession (10/7)

Elections Matter (10/7)

Early Learning Community Wins New York Bargaining Law (10/6)

'One Beautiful Nation' Comes Together in Washington, D.C. (10/4)


New nurse staffing guidelines address the changing needs of perinatal patients (9/30)

Baltimore Breaks Through at the Bargaining Table (9/30)

Affiliate Spurs Federal Lawsuit Over Racial Harassment (9/28)

Californians Take Early Learning Message to Congress (9/28)

Major Study Under Way on Contingent Academic Work (9/27)

Community Schools Shine in New National Report (9/22)

Senate Republicans Quash DREAM Act, for Now (9/22)

St. Paul Visit Highlights Community Partnerships (9/15)

Lorretta Johnson's Visit and Forums in Cleveland Spark Staff Recalls (9/13)

Cortese Meets with Teachers at Central Falls High School (9/11)

AFT Tour Takes Charleston by Storm (9/10)

Cincinnati Visit Highlights Community Schools Program (9/9)

Newark Launches Effort To Turn Around Struggling Schools (9/3)

State Employee Wage Growth Flat; Salary Gap Persists (9/2)

In Dallas, Schools and Unions Build Community Partnerships (9/1)


Duncan Stops at NYSUT on Back-to-School Bus Tour (8/31)

Union Goes Leafleting To Expose NYU's Bogus Budget Crisis (8/30)

Engaging with the Community Is a Priority, Johnson Says (8/25)

Victims of Devastating Floods in Pakistan Need Your Help (8/19)

Violation of Overtime Rules a Big Problem in Healthcare (8/18)

AFT Pledging To Join the No Kid Hungry Campaign (8/18)

Good News for Working Mothers Who Nurse Their Babies (8/11)

In a Big Victory for Students, Congress Passes Jobs Bill (8/10)

AFT Affiliates in Detroit Kick Off Literacy Training Camp (8/9)

AFT Educational Foundation Wins Federal Innovation Grant (8/5)

AFT Files Suit on Behalf of Exploited Filipino Teachers (8/5)

Report Uncovers Widespread Fraud by For-Profit Colleges (8/5)

Vermont Health Professionals Establishing Clinic in Haiti (8/5)

Senate Moves Forward with Bill To Save Educator Jobs (8/4)


Time Is Running Out for Our Students' Future (7/20)

Weingarten to NAACP: AFT Will Stand with Community (7/16)

Big Win for Florida PSRPs Brings Local Unit to Nearly 4,300 (7/15)

AFT Everyday Heroes Recognized at Convention (7/11)

AFT Innovation Fund Announces New Investments (7/10)

Convention Delegates Hear From Microsoft's Gates (7/10)

AFL-CIO President Cites AFT as Nation's Problem-Solver (7/10)

AFT Advances Its Leadership Role in Teacher Evaluations (7/10)

Convention Focuses on Communities Working Together (7/10)

AFT Celebrates 1.5 Million-Member Milestone (7/9)

AFT Retirees Are Urged To Remain Active (7/8)

Weingarten Outlines Vision To Save Public Education (7/8)

AFT Praises House for Approving Funds for Education Jobs (7/2)


Teachers at Chicago Math and Science Academy Form Union (6/24)

Eastern Michigan University Adjuncts Vote To Unionize (6/15)

Legislators Need a Little Extra Help From Paras, Too (6/15)

Disengaged? Young Unionists Say, 'I Don't Think So' (6/14)

AFT Mourns Loss of Labor Leader John Delloro (6/8)

New Core Standards Provide Building Blocks for Reform (6/3)

Washington Teachers' Union Members Ratify New Contract (6/2)

Union Certified at Four Chicago Charter Schools (6/2)


Para Regretfully Tells Students, 'You Are on Your Own' (5/26)

Central Falls Teachers Reach Agreement with District  (5/16)

In a Landslide, UW-Superior Faculty Vote 'Union Yes!' (5/14)

AFT Condemns Arizona Laws Targeting Immigrants (5/13)

Court Issues Order Against New York State Furlough Plan (5/13)

Pink Hearts Provide Powerful Symbol in Cleveland (5/12)

Weingarten Highlights Unionized Charter School in Chicago (5/12)

Public Schools Suffer in Otherwise Strong Jobs Report (5/7)

Election Stunner Builds Momentum for Norfolk Schools (5/6)

Green Jobs Conference Highlights Earth-Friendly Education (5/6)

'Pink Hearts' Campaign Attracts Attention Across Country (5/5)

'Pink Hearts' Campaign Kicks Off on National Teacher Day (5/4)

Florida Affiliate Thanks Governor for Taking Tough Stand (5/4)

New Haven Professional Development Wins Acclaim (5/4)


Huge Wall Street Rally Calls for Financial Reforms (4/30)

Thank an Early Childhood Educator on Worthy Wage Day (4/30)

Illinois Rally Urges Adequate Funding for Public Services (4/23)

AFT Remembers Civil Rights Icon Dorothy Height (4/20)

Study Reinforces Need for Legislation on Safe Staffing (4/20)

AFT Joins Global Campaign for Education (4/20)

Judge Rules in Favor of Exploited Filipino Teachers (4/16)

Agreement Reached To Eliminate 'Rubber Rooms' (4/16)

Nurses Express Mixed Opinions on Computerized Records (4/16)

Education Law Should Give Teachers Tools, Time and Trust (4/15)

Florida Educators Turn Back Anti-Teacher Bill (4/15)

Weingarten Praises Cooperative Reform Approach in Providence (4/15)

Teachers Make Their Mark on Common Core Standards (4/15)

Teacher Leaders Call for Clarity on Federal Initiatives (4/11)

Washington Teachers' Union Reaches Tentative Agreement (4/7)

New PEF Ad Campaign: 'Cut the Waste, Not the Workers' (4/5)


Florida Unions Fight 'All-Out Assault' Against Teachers (3/29)

Higher Education Activists Seek Advantage in Adversity (3/29)

Healthcare Reform Passage Is Historic Step Forward (3/26)

AFT Highlights Lack of Diversity in Higher Education (3/23)

AFT Survey Looks at Part-Time and Adjunct Faculty Issues (3/22)

Focus Funding on Neediest Students, AFT Urges Congress (3/18)

Tell Us What You Think of Administration's ESEA Blueprint (3/16)

Ravitch Book Creating a Big Stir in Education Circles (3/16)

Nurse Staffing Levels Are a Life and Death Issue (3/15)

AFT Disappointed with Administration's ESEA Blueprint (3/13)

Central Falls Negotiations To Resume with Mediator (3/12)

AFT Welcomes Release of New Common Core Standards (3/10)

Health Insurance Companies Slammed for Blocking Reform (3/9)

'Day of Action' Activities Deliver the Message (3/8)

Activists Launch 260-Mile March for California's Future (3/5)

Students Worldwide Begin Collecting Oral Histories (3/4)

House Passes Bill Limiting Use of Restraints in Classrooms (3/4)

Central Falls, R.I. news and press

Central Falls Superintendent Agrees To Resume Talks (3/3)

St. Francis College Adjunct Faculty Vote for the Union (3/3)

March 4 Is a National Day of Action To Defend Education (3/3)

AFL-CIO Council Condemns Central Falls Firings (3/2)

Central Falls Report Blames School Leadership, Programs (3/1)


Firing Teachers Doesn't Help Central Falls Students (2/26)

Haiti Volunteers Return Exhausted but Hopeful (2/25)

Supporters Rally To Protest Central Falls Teacher Firings (2/24)

AFL-CIO Launches Web Site Focused on Good Jobs Now (2/24)

AFT Supports Effort To Organize Transportation Officers (2/23)

Newark Makes Districtwide Commitment to Smart Data Use (2/19)

MetLife Survey Calls for More Collaboration on Reform (2/17)

Miami Visit Highlights Need for Community Schools (2/12)

Lorretta Johnson Recognized as a Heroine of Education (2/5)

Training Institute Draws Teams from Across the Nation (2/3)


Labor finds new allies to push for clean energy jobs (1/29)

Oregon Voters Say 'Yes' to Funding Public Services (1/28)

AFT Healthcare Workers Continue to Help Haiti Earthquake Victims (1/26)

Weingarten Continues 'Work That Matters' Tour (1/26)

Weingarten Helps Kick Off 'Work That Matters' in Montana (1/25)

AFT Healthcare Workers Helping Haiti Earthquake Victims (1/25)

Moving Forward: This Week at the AFT (1/22)

Philadelphia Members Back New Contract Agreement (1/22)

New Colorado Pilot Program Deals with Teacher Evaluation (1/21)

Detroit Office Employees Present Cost-Saving Ideas (1/20)

AFT Healthcare Workers Head to Haiti To Provide Help (1/20)

Bus Driver Keeps Cool Head Despite Intruder (1/20)

Weingarten's Cleveland Trip Highlights Need for Labor-Management Cooperation (1/19)

AFT Urges Donations To Help Haiti Earthquake Relief (1/14)

Weingarten Outlines Comprehensive Education Reform Plan (1/12)

Watch Your Mailbox for Your New Membership Card (1/9)

AFT Teachers Honored at White House Event (1/7)

AFT Praises Sen. Dodd's Many Accomplishments (1/6)

Tulsa School Workers Fight for Promised Raises (1/6)

Become a Fan of AFT's New Facebook Page (1/5)