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What You Can Do

Accelerating the education of children who enter school behind should be on everyone's agenda, but a local union cannot do it alone. Engage your district superintendent and board members in discussions about successful school improvement strategies. Collaborate with your district to send teams of teachers from low-achieving schools to the Center for School Improvement Leadership Institute to learn the steps of the school improvement process and the skills needed to begin the process. Consider hosting, in partnership with your district, a model programs fair where teachers can visit with representatives of programs that may be helpful in the school improvement process. Learn about professional development opportunities that are available for teachers in low-performing schools. Provide parents and teachers with training in how that can form effective partnerships for the success of children. Seek out community and business partners that will support your school improvement goals, and provide students with the supports they need particularly when they are not in school. Engage in discussion with state legislators about what it will take to improve student achievement in high-poverty, low-achieving schools.