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Foundation Funds

A variety of foundations support a wide array of efforts to improve schools. You can explore grant opportunities by visiting funders' Web sites. Look to local foundations in your areas for grants as well. While the AFT does not endorse particular foundations' work, the following is a list of some major foundations and trusts that fund school improvement efforts:

The Actuarial Foundation: This mathematics grant program brings local actuaries into classrooms.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: The Gates Foundation makes grants in the areas of early learning and high schools, with a focus on improving graduation rates among at-risk youth.

The Carnegie Corporation: Carnegie's grantmaking focuses on advancing literacy, urban school reform and teacher education reform.

Charles Lafitte Foundation: The Lafitte Foundation provides support for programs in the areas of resolving social service issues, assisting students with learning disabilities, providing technology and computer-based education, creating access to education in the arts, supporting at-risk children from preschool to college and providing learning enhancement, including the development of leadership skills. The foundation's Education Program makes grants for research and conferences as well as for programs that promote academic excellence in institutions of higher learning. 

The Charles Stuart Mott Foundation: The Mott Foundation supports initiatives that promote learning beyond the classroom, particularly those for traditionally underserved children and youth. The foundation makes grants for technical assistance, research, evaluation and policy development, and building public support for out-of-school time programs and initiatives.

Citigroup Foundation: Citigroup provides funding for K-16 initiatives in the areas of early literacy, high-quality teachers, curriculum development, and many other areas related to improving schools. 

The Coca-Cola Foundation: The Coca-Cola Foundation supports programs in three areas: higher education, classroom teaching and learning, and international education.

The Eli Broad Foundation: The Broad Foundation focuses on improving urban K-12 public education through better governance, management and labor relations.

The Ford Foundation: The Ford Foundation has a broad grant-making strategy, supporting work in the areas that build knowledge and strengthen organizations and networks.

The Joyce Foundation: The Joyce Foundation makes grants that focus on closing the achievement gap, with a particular emphasis on improving teacher quality in schools that serve low-income and minority children, expanding early childhood education, and promoting innovations such as small schools.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation: Kellogg's Youth and Education programs fund initiatives from the preK to college levels. The foundation's goal is to mobilize youth, families and communities to inform policies that affect learning and achievement for vulnerable children and youth, as well as to forge partnerships between education institutions and communities to promote learning, academic performance and workforce preparation among at-risk youth.

The Pew Charitable Trusts: Pew funds initiatives in a broad array of areas, including K-12 education. 

RGK Foundation: RGK Foundation awards grants in education and youth development, with a focus on formal K-12 education–particularly mathematics, science and reading—teacher development, literacy, and higher education.

The Spencer Foundation: Spencer makes grants in the areas of higher education, including district-higher education partnerships.

The Wallace Foundation: The Wallace Foundation makes grants in the areas of arts appreciation, education leadership, and out-of-school learning.