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Health Reform: The Facts

The new health reform law may be the most important, far-reaching and complex piece of social legislation passed in the last fifty years. Many of the law's provisions won't go into effect for several years and the specifics of how the law will be implemented are still being decided. AFT has created this website to keep you up to date on what’s happening.

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Your Questions

  • Can I add my 25-year-old son to my health plan?
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  • Will the "donut hole" be closed for seniors?
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    Reform Effects

  • Will my current health plan change?
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    Ten Big Myths

  • Will the government tell my doctor what to do?
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    Frequently Asked Questions on the New Law

    Most of us have a question about what's in the new health reform law and how it will work. The regulations covering the new law are still being written so not every question can be answered.

    Healthcare Reform Timeline

    When will the new law's provisions take effect? It takes a lot of time to change something as complex as the healthcare system.

    • The law's provisions will roll out over a period of several years.
    • Some of the new rules will go into effect as early as this September.
    • Other benefits won't be available till 2014 or later.
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    How Health Reform Will Affect You

    The new law will affect people differently depending on whether they are:

    Membership FAQ's

    Ten Big Myths about Health Reform

    There is a lot of misinformation about healthcare reform. Some people are using the public's lack of detailed knowledge about this complex law to create fear and confusion.



    Additional Resources

    The Best Websites for In-Depth Information on Health Reform