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Christina Sharp

NYSUT Retiree Council 43 (N.Y.), Local 2700

AFT Everyday Hero Christina Sharp addressing the 2011 TEACH attendees and urging retired members to volunteer and stay involved in union activities.


Christina "Tina" Sharp was named one of the AFT’s 2011 Everyday Heroes for her longtime commitment to her union, her profession and her colleagues. She serves as a role model for other retired members about the importance and value of their continued involvement in union activities long after they have retired from the classroom.

Sharp retired from teaching in 1983 and then dedicated nearly a decade of service as president of the NYSUT Retiree Council 43, where she took the lead in planning and organizing union activities for her fellow retirees in the state of Florida.

Sharp’s “can-do” attitude and unwavering resolve helped her during her stewardship over the council. As her chapter’s president, she was able to effectively link the former professional careers of her members to their present lives in retirement.

Her knowledge and skill allowed her to coordinate visits from union officials, set up meetings with legislators and state lawmakers, put together conferences and conduct workshops flawlessly. As a council delegate, Tina continues to offer insightful, honest opinions to those who seek her advice.

Christina Sharp

AFT Everyday Hero Christina Sharp receiving her award from AFT President Randi Weingarten at the 2011 TEACH conference.


“There is so much we can do for students and teachers even after we retire from the classroom,” said Sharp. “I’m happy to have been able to help my fellow retirees realize their full potential.”

Though no longer president, Sharp is still a council delegate, actively participating in union events and meetings.

“The time spent as a volunteer has enriched my life so much that I highly recommend volunteering when you retire,” said Sharp. “There is a great need for dedicated leaders to continue the work as retirees so that the work the active teachers are doing will continue.” [Photo by Michael Campbell/Video by Matthew Jones and Brett Sherman]