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Mitt Romney: In His Own Words

What better way to see where the candidates stand on our issues than by hearing from the candidates themselves? Listen to what the candidates are saying; it will become clear whom they would be fighting for in the Oval Office.

Mitt Romney

“He [Obama] says we need more firemen, more policemen, more teachers. Did he not get the message of Wisconsin? The American people did. It’s time for us to cut back on government and help the American people.”

Campaign Event, June 8, 2012


"The Department of Education: I will either consolidate with another agency, or perhaps make it a heck of a lot smaller. I'm not going to get rid of it entirely,' Romney said, explaining that part of his reasoning behind preserving the agency was to maintain a federal role in pushing back against teachers' unions.

Fundraiser in Palm Beach, FL, April 15, 2012


If I were a voter, I’d encourage state representatives, state senators and the governor to do whatever is necessary to make New Hampshire a right-to-work state to create more jobs for the people of New Hampshire.”

Boston Globe, August 8, 2011

“Those federal teachers unions have too much power, in some cases, they overwhelm the states, they overwhelm the local school districts. We have got to put the kids first and put these teacher's unions behind.”

Fox News Sunday, March 18, 2012