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For the love of nature

photo by El-Wise Noisette  

A lifelong learner, Peneston took part in a seven-week National Science Foundation Polar Trek to Antarctica for hands-on research in 2008. He made the most of his experience, sharing his voyage via a series of webcasts and lessons that enabled his students to follow his activities and learn through this unique opportunity.

Peneston's community involvement and activities include serving as longtime summer program director and natural history educator director for Camp Talooli in Pennellville. At a time when technology has enabled people to communicate instantly and constantly, Peneston points out that studies show the current generation of children has less contact with and understanding of the natural world than any generation in the history of the species. To combat this, he urges teachers to "take kids outside into nature. Give them reason to play, experiment and explore." (Photo: El-Wise Noisette)