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Porter Scholars Program 2011 Winners

We are happy to announce this year's winners:

4-Year Winners

Deana Davoudiasl, mother, Catherine Budesa, is a member of United Federation of Teachers (NY), local 2

Michael Grasberg, mother, Michelle Grasberg, is a member of United Federation of Teachers (NY), local 2

Jordan Konell, mother, Susan Konell, is a member of the Philadelphia (PA) Federation of Teachers, local 3

Chloe VanDer Weele, father, Jack VanDer Weele, is a member of Sheboygan (WI) Federation of Nurses & Health Professionals, local 5011

Grant Winners

Alicia Ashley, Health Professionals & Allied Employees (NJ), local 5094

Susan Chittenden, Wells Central School Teachers’ Association (NY), local 3102

Heather Courtwright, Berea (OH) Federation of Teachers, local 1699

Annie McClintock, United Teaching Assistants of Harborfields (NY), local 7940

Bernice Miller-Wheatley, St. Thomas/St. John (VI) Federation of Teachers, local 1826

Mary Steelman, Four Rivers Special Education Association (IL), local 3927

John Stewart, Keene (NH) Police Officers' Association, local 6246

Mark Stier, United School Employees of Pasco (FL), local 3600

Suahuil Valerio, Yonkers (NY) Federation of Teachers, local 860

Neam Zalzala, Adjunct Faculty Organ, Henry Ford Community College (MI), local 337

Congratulations to our winners!