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Professional Issues and Global Trends

Today’s working professionals are often at the mercy of forces operating outside their own borders. That is why the AFT sees tracking global trends and innovations in providing professional development as vital to our mission. Awareness of the challenges educators and other public service employees face abroad and the solutions they are exploring to address them help the AFT identify best practices, as well as potential pitfalls, as we promote the professional capacity of our members.


In the article “Global Models Advance Profession,” AFT president Randi Weingarten shares her thoughts on the relationship between globalization and education. More.

International Teacher Recruitment

In December 2012, the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California ordered Universal Placement International of Los Angeles and its owner and president, Lourdes Navarro, to pay $4.5 million to 350 Filipino teachers exploited in the process of their recruitment to fill positions in Louisiana public schools.  More.

Afghanistan: Challenges in Education

The AFT has partnered with several nongovernmental organizations to work with the Afghan government and teacher training programs to strengthen the competencies of teachers in the delivery of education. More.

Lessons Learned from the World's Highest-Performing
School Systems

The AFT has assembled a special report that reviews the innovative learning methods and teacher development practices in educationally top-performing countries as well as videos highlighting our visits to Singapore and Finland. More.


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