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The AFT stands up for girls' education worldwide

What can I do?


The international crisis in girls’ education is all about:

  • Access to schools;
  • Fairness within schools; and
  • Equality outside of school.

What can you begin to do to promote international girls’ education? The AFT is developing online tools for students and teachers to stay informed and involved.

In addition, we ask you to:

Stay informed by connecting with:

Speak with friends, colleagues and community members about organizing activities such as walks or campaigns supporting education for all.

Urge the United States government to sign the Convention on the Rights of the Child as called for by an AFT convention resolution in 2012.

Read background from the:

Use the tools of social media to share information about the challenges girls face worldwide and how to take action to overcome these obstacles.

Write and urge your U.S. representative to support key education-equality provisions as first introduced in the Education for All Act of 2010.

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