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Campaigns and Projects

Through its international affairs department, the AFT is involved in several important global campaigns and projects. Please click on the links below to learn more about the union’s work in the areas of:

Gap Must Sign Fire and Safety Accord

Clothing retailer Gap Inc. (Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy) must do more to end hundreds of preventable deaths of garment workers in Bangladesh. Gap and other large American brands and retailers work directly with suppliers in the textile industry of Bangladesh, where workers are paid little and work in life-threatening conditions. MORE


Educational programs both in the United States and several African countries strengthen unions and educate members about the risks of HIV/AIDS and support members afflicted with the disease. MORE

Child Labor

Child labor robs children of the chance to learn and places them in exploitative situations. The AFT works with fellow members of the Child Labor Coalition to raise awareness about the problem among policymakers and has developed resources to help educators tackle the subject in their classrooms. MORE

Education for Democracy

Education is essential to fostering a well-informed citizenry capable of participating in a democratic society. The AFT is actively engaged in producing civic education materials for use in the United States and internationally that make use of comparative, international methodology. MORE

Education for All

Every child deserves free basic education. The AFT works actively with other nonprofit organizations to promote universal primary education for all children, regardless of class, gender or nationality. MORE.

The Children's Crisis in the Horn of Africa

Millions of people are struggling to survive a humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa, where the worst drought in 60 years has produced famine conditions. The AFT is mobilizing members to support efforts to increase aid to Somalia and other countries in this region. MORE

Convention on the Rights of the Child

The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) is a human rights treaty that focuses specifically on political, economic, social, health, and cultural needs and rights of children worldwide. It calls on nations to protect children from abuse, violence and exploitation, while empowering children to be active members of their families and communities, endowed with rights and responsibilities appropriate to their age and stage of development. MORE