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AFT Resolutions


WHEREAS, with attacks on teachers and our union, and on the 99 percent, it is more important than ever that we find common cause with the parents of our students; and

WHEREAS, fighting back requires developing relationships that lead to greater power to effect change; and

WHEREAS, home visits have been proven to end the cycle of blame between families and school staff by building trust and respect; and

WHEREAS, the increased communication, trust and support between families and teachers via home visits result in increased student attendance, increased student achievement, decreased suspension and expulsion rates, and decreased vandalism at the school site; and

WHEREAS, home visits provide unique and meaningful opportunities for cross-cultural learning that can better engage families, staff and students in the educational experience; and

WHEREAS, decades of research show that when parents and teachers work together, students do better academically and socially:

RESOLVED, that the American Federation of Teachers will work with the nationally recognized Parent/Teacher Home Visit Project (PTHVP), a voluntary but compensated program with values supported by the AFT, to educate its locals and spread the implementation of the PTHVP's home-visit model.