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Stacey Caruso-Sharpe

Stacey Caruso-Sharpe AFT Vice President
Stacey Caruso-Sharpe, a member of the New York State United Teachers board of directors, is a long-time middle-level math teacher in the Amsterdam, N.Y., school district and has been an activist in the Amsterdam Teachers Association for most of her career.

Caruso-Sharpe represented the AFT on the common core standards math work group and is a NYSUT representative to the New York State Education Department Math Advisory Council.

For 16 years she served as president of the Fulton-Montgomery Teachers Cluster, a group of local union leaders, and has served on numerous NYSUT task forces and committees. Caruso-Sharpe is a NYSUT liaison to the Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State, a former Texas Instruments T^3 instructor, and a member of the New York State Association of Mathematics Supervisors and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.